Eretowicisem (Ehr-eh-TOH-ih-sih-zem) is a ſunder of ðe Edſhapen trend ƿithin Forewitneſsisem, which traces its ƿellspring to Britain, namely Scotland.

Eretowic churches stem ðeir name from ðe [[eretowic]] ſort of church ƿaldry, which is ƿalded by fortreading moots of elders. A great rime of Edſhapen churches are ſtighted ðis way, but ðe word Eretowic, is often spread outſtandingly to churches ðat trace ðeir roots to ðe Church of Scotland, cluſters ðat took ſhape at ðe time of ðe English Folkly War. ðe self-ſtanding} of God...

Some Eretowic churches have betreaded into [[yokes]] with oðer churches . Eretowics in ðe Binded Rikes of Emorland came mainly from Scottish newcomers, [[Scots-Irish newcomers]] and alſo from New England Yankee ſhires ðat had ƿellsprungly been Amootish but froðered ſince ðere was an agreed-upon Howe of Yokedom of 1801 in ðe mear landspans. ......spring

Eretowic selfhood (Preſbyterian identity)Edit

Early hiſtoryEdit

Eretowic trend, namely ðat of ðe Church of Scotland, traces its early roots to ðe Church founded by Saint Columba þrough ðe 6th-yearhundred Hiberno-Scottish mißion.

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Folklihood (Characteristics)Edit

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