An evenmote, naughtbit, or neitherbit is a mote found in the kernals of unclefts. It has nearly the same weight as the firstbit,, but holds no sparkish loading, hence its name.

Each neitherbit is made of one up quark and two down quarks. These are held together by the kernalbind, or strong kernalish pull, which also holds the neitherbits and firstbits together to make the kernal itself.

Neitherbits pull on their neighbors in the kernal with the kernalbind, but having no sparkload, they do not push them away. Thus, big kernals will have lots of neitherbits and fewer firstbits to forestall their breaking up. But if there are too many neitherbits, some of them will become firstbits through lightrotting, giving off a bernstonebit,. This is because the evenmote is a little bit heavier than the firstbit.

The free neitherbit is not abiding; it will become a firstbit through lightrotting with a half-life of but ten metes,. Nevertheless, the neitherbits sent forth in kernalish splitting can easily strike other kernals without being pushed away by their sparkish thrust, thus splitting them and begetting other neitherbits in a linkstirring. Stuffs whose kernals are weak enough for this to happen are called splitly. By this means, uncleftish sparkdrivers and uncleftish blasters can yoke the might of splitly ores like ymirstuff,and helstuff.

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