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|name_en = Everwick
|name_en = Everwick
|flag = Flag of Everwick.png
|flag = Flag of Everwick.png
|CoA =
|CoA = Kinshield of Everwick.png
|ethel_tag = Selfstanding Ethel
|ethel_tag = Selfstanding Ethel
|ethel = [[Oned Kingdom]]
|ethel = [[Oned Kingdom]]

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Flag of Everwick Kinshield of Everwick
Flag Kinshield
Selfstanding Ethel Oned Kingdom
Forfasten Ethel England
Reveely Shire North Everwickshire
Field Everwickshire and the Humber
  others Everwickish landspeech
  others Everwicker
  Lord Steadholder
Keith Orrell
  illk Oneness headship
  Leading wing Borough of Everwick Fellowship
  Leadership Leader and redeship
  Leader Ian Gillies
Ledename Everwicker
Settled 71 YL as Eboracum
Swathe 105.00 tm²
Befolking 208.400  

Everwick (English: York) is a sheedly walled stead at the rithmeet of the streams Ouse and Foss in North Everwickshire, England. The meanth is the yorewise ethel town of the sheedly ethel of Everwickshire to which it gives its name. The stead has a rich birthright and has behefted the backdrop to higher mootish haps in England throughout much of its two thousandyears of thingness. The stead offers a wealth of sheedly drawings, of which Everwick Rede is the most forestanding, and a kind of kithship and sporting ongoings making it a folkly sightseer coming for twisands.

The stead was settled by the Romers as Eboracum in 71 AD. It became the headstead of the Romish landshire of Lower Briten, and later of the kingdoms of Northumberland and Jórvík. In the Middle Times, Everwick grew as a high wool trading heart and became the headstead of the northern churchly landshire of the Church of England, a playwork it has keeped.

In the 19th yearhundred, Everwick became a hub of the sporway network and a sweetshop frame heart. In late yeartens, the wealthdom of Everwick has stired from being bestrided by its sweetshop and sporway-linked worksomeness to one that feeds bystandings. The Lorestead of Everwick and health bystandings have become high workgivers, whilst sightseerdom has become an foremost shaftroot of the nearby wealthdom.

From 1996, the name 'Stead of Everwick' betells a nearby stewardship neighbourhood (a oneness headship land) which inholds fieldy lands beyond the old stead mire. In 2011 the townwise land had a befolking of 153,717, while in 2010 the whole oneness headship had an guessed befolking of 202,400.

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