Rike of the Firelands
State of Hawaii (Mean English)
Mokuʻāina o Hawaiʻi (Firelandish)
"Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono"
"The Life of the Land is Everlasted in Rightwiseness"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Sheltered Harbour
Biggest stead Sheltered Harbour
Revetung Mean English, Firelandish
Inwonername Firelander
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
David Ige (Folkship Mootband)
Josh Green (Folkship Mootband)
Landswathe 10,931 fourside miles
- In full
- Huddlemete
221/fourside mile

The Firelands (Mean English: Hawaii; Firelandish: Hawaiʻi) is a rike in the Frithful Oned Rikes. It is the newest rike to join the Oned Rikes, on 21st Weedmonth 1959. The Firelands is the only O.R. rike earthlorely found in Sealand, although it is led as a bit of North Nightland, and the only one fully made up of ilands. It is the northernmost iland group in the Eastfrith Ilands, beset in most of an itune in the middle Frithful Highsea.

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