The First Writ of Peter (Brought over from the Greekish tung by William Tyndale into English. It has here been overset into Anglish for the first time.)

Head One

1 Peter, being sent by Jesus Christ to those who dwell here and there as outlanders thruout Pont, Galacland, Capadoce, Asia, and Bethiny,

2 chosen by the foreknowledge of God the Father, thru the hallowing of the soul unto listening and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. Giveness be with y'all and frith be abundant.

3 Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who thru his abundant kindness begat us again unto a lively hope by the gainrising of Jesus Christ from death,

4 to neet an undying erving and undefiled and that dies not; kept in heaven for y'all,

5 who are kept by the might of God thru belief unto health, which is areadied to be shown in the last time,

6 in which y'all shall be glad, tho now for a tide (if need be), y'all are in heaviness thru manifold forleadings,

7 that your belief, once tried, being more costly than gold which forfares, tho it be tried with fire, might be found unto lofe, wulder, and worthship, at the showing up of Jesus Christ:

8 Whom y'all have not seen and yet love Him, in Whom even now, tho y'all see Him not, yet y'all believe, and frolick with mirth unspeakworthy and wulderful:

9 nimming the end of your belief, the health of your souls.

10 Of which health have the soothsayers undersought, and searched, which soothsaid of the giveness that should come unto you;

11 searching when, or at what time, the ferrow of Christ Who was in them should betoken- which ferrow witnessed before- the sufferings that should come unto Christ, and the wulder that should follow after.

12 Unto which soothsayers it was broadcast, that not unto themselves, but unto us, they should thane the things which are showed unto you, of them which, by the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, have preached unto you the things which the boders lust to behold.

13 Wherefore, gird up the lendens (loins, OE lendenu) of your minds, be gleg, and trust flawlessly on the giveness that is brought unto you by the broadcasting of Jesus Christ;

14 as hearsome children, not clothing yourselves with your old lusts of unkowingness:

15 but as He Who called you is holy, even so be holy in all kinds of talking,

16 since it is written, "Be holy, for I am holy."

17 And if so be that y'all call on the Father, who without aboutness of being deems down from everyone's works, see that y'all go beyond the time of your wayfaring in fear:

18 For as much as y'all know that y'all were not gainbought with gold or silver that can perish from your naughtful taking, which y'all nimmed by the oldenways of the erekin,

19 but with the costly blood of Christ, as of a cleanlamb, and without spot,

20 which was astolled (ordained, OE ástellan) before the world was made, but was broadcast in the last times for your sakes.

21 Which, by His means, have believed on God Who raised Him from death, and wuldered Him, that your belief and hope might be in God.

22 And for as much as y'all have cleansed your souls thru the Ghost, in listening to the truth for to love brotherly without faking, see that y'all love one another with a clean heart, earnestly:

23 for y'all are born anew, not of deathling seed, but of undeathish seed, by the Word of God which lives, and lasts forever.

24 For all flesh is as grass, and the wulder of weres is as the blossom of grass; the grass is withered, and the blossom falls away,

25 but the Word of the Lord lasts forever. And this is the Word which by the Gospel was preached among you.

Head 2

1 Therefore, lay aside all wickedness, and all guile and faking, and nithecraft, and all back-biting,

2 and as newborn sucklings lust that forstandworthy milk which is without wrecking, that y'all may grow therein.

3 If so, you have tasted how lithe the Lord is,

4 to Whom y'all come as unto a living stone, shunned by weres, but chosen by God, and costly;

4 and y'all as living stones are mad a ghostly house and an holy priesthood to bequethe up ghostly bloot, nimworthy to God by Jesus Christ.

6 Therefore it is held in the Writ: "Behold, I put in Zion an headstone, chosen and costly, and all who believe on Him will not be ashamed."

7 Unto y'all who believe, therefore, He is costly, but unto those who believe not, the stone which the builders shunned, the same is made the headstone in the nook

8 and a stone upon which to spurn and a rock to upset those who spurn at the Word and not believe that whereon they were set.

9 But y'all are a chosen kinspan, a rikely priesthood, an holy folkship, and a lode that y'all should show the good things of Him Who called you out of darkness into His wondrous liht,

10 which in time past were not a folkship, yet are now the folkship of God, who were not under kindness, but now have gotten kindness.

11 Dearly beloved, I beseech y'all as outlanders and pilgrims: abstain from fleshly lusts that fiht against the soul

12 and see that y'all have truthful underholdings among the Unjews, so they who backbite y'all as evil-doers can see your good works and praise God in the day of calling.

13 Go along with all kinds of werebehests for the Lord's sake, whether it be unto the riker as they are the chief head—

14 or unto rulers as they are sent by Him for the scolding of evil-doers, but for the lofe of those that do well.

15 For the will of God is that y'all put to rest the witlessness of foolish folks

16 as free and not as having a freedom for a cloke of nithecraft, but rather as the thaners of God.

17 Ar everyone. Love siblingly fellowship. Fear God and ar the riker.

18 Thaners, listen to your masters with all fear, not only if they are good and fairspoken, but also if they are froward.

19 For it is thankworthy if a were, for heart's eye, withstand grief and suffering wrongfully.

20 For what praise is it, if, when y'all are beaten for you guilts, you take it forbearingly? But and if when you do well and you suffer wrong and take it forbearingly, then there is thanks with God.

21 For y'all were truly called hereunto, for Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an byspell, that y'all should follow the steps of Him,

22 Who did no sin, nor was their any misleadingness in His mouth,

23 Who, when He was spoken against, did not spit back, when He suffered, He threatened not, but betook the orsake to the One Who deems righteously,

24 Who Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so we could be aneried from sin and could live in rihteousness; by Whose stripes y'all were healed.

25 For y'all were as sheep going astray, but are now taken back unto your shepherd and overseer of your souls.

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