The Anglish Moot

Flags are streamers that are flown on shafts to show troth to a kingdom, land, or some other thede. The sheets of cloth are dyed with hues that are meaningful to the folk that sail them; their shapes also have stock meanings that are found in all flags.

There are 196 theedish flags on the Earth.


All theedish flags, with Nepal as a standout, are four sided and righthooks. Each shape on a flag has a name to narrowly betell each part of the sheet.

Below is a spreadsheet that makes clear the names of each stock shape that is used, with links to ethels that forthset that shape on their flag:

English Anglish Wordmark Witness
Bend - A slanted streak that stretched from a top tip to the athwart bottom tip Threefold and Smokleaf
Border Outskirt A band of color that rings the edges of a flag Blackbarrow
Canton Box A fourside shape, often in the top hoistside tip that takes up to one-fourth of the field Taiwan
Chevron Rafter A v-shaped mark, often on the hoist side Checkland
Cross (Couped) Cut Syebeam A rood that can be foldmatched four ways Swissland
Cross (Nordic) Norse Syebeam A rood with the middle thwarst shifted towards the hoist Sweden
Cross (Symmetrical) Middle Syebeam A rood with its thwarst in the middle of the field Angland
Fess Warp A flatways band that takes up one-third of the flag Eastric
Field - The background hue of a flag Libya (formerly)
Fly - The half or edge of a flag farthest from a flagshaft -
Hoist - The half or edge of a flag nearest to the flagshaft -
Pale Weft An upright band that takes up one-third of the flag Peru
Pall Wrap A y-shaped mark, often on the hoist side South Highsun
Quadrisection Foursplit Two righthooks in athwart tips that sunder the flag into fourths Panama
Saltire Holy Andrew's Syebeam An x-shaped mark in the middle of the flag Scotland