A football

Football is a game played on a long and wide pitch with a ball.

Players are split into two teams of eleven, where each seeks to score by kicking or heading the ball into the withering goal, made up of 2 siles, a thwarsbeam and a back net, warded by the players and the goal-keeper—the only player who may brook his arms and hands, although he may not do so outside his own box (the 15 mete or so swathe umbing his own goal). Other players may only brook their feet, legs, head and chest.

Teams are given free kicks if the withering team makes a hard tackle; if a player makes a dwild in their own box a strife is given, whereby the withering team seeks to kick the ball into the net from 11 metes out, right in front of the goal, warded only by the goalkeeper; players beget yellow leaves for a warning if they make swith hard tackles or even red leaves (sent off) if even more plightful (2 yellows = one red). If one of the players in a team sends the ball out of the pitch behind the side lines, the withering team is given a throw-in. If a player sends the ball behind the withering goal line (not in goal), the withering team is given a goal kick, from six metes out. If a player sends the ball behind his own goal line (not an own goal), then the withering team is given a kick from one of the two nooks of the withering goal line and the nearest sideline. The offside mete is also ongot in football—although it is not belikened by all.

Each match lasts 90 metes (+ scathing time)—players are given a 15 mete break at half-time. Whoever scores the most goals wins the game.

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