Odin was told of by many names in the Skaldish wordcraft.

Overall names founded on Odin's standingEdit

  • The name Alfóðr ("Allfather", "father of all") kythes in Snorri Sturluson's Youngers Edda. Odin is the father of most of the high gods and with his brothers Vili and Vé shaped the Earth from the lich of the ettin Ymir. It may hint to the Christly God in that book, but it may have been put forth to Odin at an earlier time. (It most likely betokened Tîwaz first, as it fits the wont of speaking of the Sky Fathers as "father".)
  • Farmatýr (God of wains)
  • Fimbul (Great)
  • Fimbultýr (Mighty god)
  • Gautr (Father)
  • Herjan (Wielder)
  • Hroptatýr (Shouter of the gods)
  • Óski (God of wishes)
  • Veratýr (Lord of men)

Names stemming from talesEdit

In his seeking to learn the rowns, Odin hung himself on Yggdrasil.

  • Hangatyr (the hanged god)
  • Lord of the gallows

In the tale of Gylfaginning, Odin kythes as three kings named:

  • Hárr (High)
  • Jafnhárr (Even as high)
  • Þriði (Third)

From the Hervarar saga:

Names founded on deeds or eggEdit

Odin chooses the outcome of fights (that is, to whom the winning goes).

  • Hnikuðr (Overthrower)
  • Sigföðr (Father of Winning)
  • Sigtyr (God of winning).

Names founded on outlooks of the beingEdit

  • Bölverkr (Ill-doer)
  • Fjölsviðr (Wide in wisdom)
  • Gangleri (Wayweary)
  • Glapsviðr (Swift in misleading)
  • Herteitr (Glad of War)
  • Hnikarr (Overthrower)
  • Saðr (Truthful)
  • Svipall (Shifting)
  • Sanngetall (Truthful)
  • Vakr (Wakeful)
  • Yggr (Ghastful)
  • Þekkr (Much loved)

Names founded on castEdit

  • Báleygr (Blazing-eyed)
  • Bileygr (Shifty-eyed)
  • Fjölnir (Many-shaped)
  • Grímnir (or Grímr) (Hooded)
  • Göndlir (Wand bearer)
  • Hárbarðr (Greybeard)
  • Hjálmberi (Helm-bearer)
  • Síðhöttr (Broad hat)
  • Síðskeggr (Long beard)


  • Atríðr (Rider)
  • Biflindi (Spear-Shaker)
  • Ginnregin
  • Helblindi (Hel blinder)
  • Jálkr (Gelding)
  • Kjalarr (Keel)
  • Ómi (Shouter)
  • Sídgrani
  • Skilfingr (Shaker)
  • Sviðurr
  • Sviðrir
  • Uðr
  • Váfuðr (Wanderer)
  • Valfader (Taker (in truth: father of the fallen ones))
  • Vegtam ("Wanderer" or "Wayfarer")
  • Viðrir
  • Viðurr
  • Þrór
  • Þuðr
  • Þundr (Thunderer)
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