Francis Drake (Greater Anglish: Franklin Drake; 1540 - 28 Afteryule 1596) was an English seashipper, sundershipper, thrall-trader, sealike sheriff and pathfinder of the Elizabeth eld. Drake made the twithe umshipping of the world in a lone outfooting, from 1577 to 1580, and was the first to end his sailing as seashipper while leading the outing throughout the whole umshipping. With his inroad into the Frithful Highsea, he made dibs on what is now Goldland for the English and began an eld of bickering with the Spanish on the western shores of the Americkslands, a landship that had been before-unfounded by western shipping.

Elizabeth I gave Drake a riderhood in 1581 which he got on the Golden Hind in Deptford. As an Under-Fleethelm, he was twithe-in-leading of the English fleet in the hild against the Spanish Greatfleet in 1588. He died of reddrif in 1596 after unspowingly striking at Holy John, Rich Harbour. Drake's outwork made him a held to the English, but his sundershipping led the Spanish to deem him a seareaver, known to them as El Draque. King Filip II is said to have made an afterlean for his taking or death at 20,000 Heretog-mints, about 8 micklered Americkish bits of eight or 6 micklered British pounds sterling in nowtide-geld.

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