The Anglish Moot
French Ledewealth
République française
Flag of Frankrike.png
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Freedom, sameness, brotherhood
La Marseillaise
The Springtonner
(and biggest stead)
Reevetung French
Other Tungs Elsassish, Catalanish,
Brettish, Occitanish,
Walloon, Baskish
Inwonername French

- Foresitter
- Firstthane
Onely Lawmootly
Half-Forsitterly Ledewealth
Emmanuel Macron
Édouard Philippe
Reeving body
- Upper House
- Lower House

Landswathe 247,368 miles²
- In full
- Huddlemete
270 miles²
Full Homeland Output
- In full
- By fellow
2015 guessing:
$2.833 foursand
Yield € (Euro)

Frankrich (French and Mean English: France) acknowledgedly the French Ledewealth (French: République française and Mean English: French Republic) is a land in Western Europe, its headstead being Paris. The land is hemmed by Belgland, Theechland, Switzerland and Italy in the east, and by Spain in the southwest. It is hemmed by seas to the northwest. About 60 micklered live in Frankrich, most of whom speak French. Most indwellers live in towns. Frankrich is in the Europish Moot.

Most of northern Frankrich is on low-lying land stretching from the west of rich all the way to Russland. Two high snowfall berg-reaches mark its edges: the Alps and the Pyrenees. Woods bedeck many lone deals of Frankrich; while much land is brooked for earthtilling and winemaking, cheeses, breadwheat, and outer deals of towns often have bulkbuildship. 4 main riths are: the Sene, the Garron, the Lire, and the Roden.

Its stear begins a few yearhundreds before C.E., with the Celtish folkstocks that dwellt in the Sene and Rosen outflow dales. The Romish Rich came to steer the land after being won by Julius Caesar. After some hundreds of years of Romish reve, Old Netherlandish folkstocks overthrew the Romers and built their own kingdoms, while giving their name to the land. It wasn't until the time of the Frankish Kingdom and the coming of Carl the Great that the bedrock for today's ethel would be set. Carl the Great broadened the kingdom and made an anweald out of it, overcoming all those who stood in his path. However, at his death, his landgains were split into three kingdoms. The one farthest west would mealfully become the Frankric of our time.

Throughout the Middle Elds, the kings of Frankrich sought wield over all the Frankish folk. By the H16th, Frankrich had arisen as a fayed thede, one which become the great folkdom in the H17th and H18th. Among the bremest kings were Phillippe Auguste, Phillip le bel, St Louis, and Francois I.

One of the greatest kings of Frankrich was Louis the 14th, who said the well-known words, 'L'état c'est moi' (I am the ritch). Among his many deeds were the making of the redehall of Versailles and the growth of the might of the French rich. Indeed, Louis 14 set out the way of things until the coming of the Overthrowing in 1789, when the hapless king Louis 16 would meet his end at the hands of the gainrisers.

Frankrich was a kingdom until the French Overthrowing in 1789, in which the folk of the land sought their freedom from overwielding and areless kings. Then, a lawmoot was shaped.

However, Napoleon wrested leadership from all others and led Frankrich into a great gouth that ended in its landfyrd being overwhelmed in Frankrich, though Napoleon was still upheld by many as a folk winner for a toll of outstanding struggles and strikes that he led in the war and beforehand.

After Napoleon, Frankrich would go through many wends before today's fifth folkdom, which began in 1958.

The French bore heavy losses in both world wars, with their land being overtaken by the Theech in World War II. The land was freed by the wyemen of the Oned Kingdom and the Oned Folkdoms. Today, Frankrich is a wealthy theed that plays a big deedwork in the Europish Moot.

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