Freehearted Folkship is a freehearted mootish mindset and a kind of leadership in which betokened folkship works under the eldertruths of Olden Freeheartedness (Mean English: Classical Liberalism). Also called Western Folkship, it is shaped by fair and free choosings between unlike mootish flocks, a cleaving of might into unlike bits of leadership, the weighing of law in everyday life in sharing an open folkhood and the even shielding of folkly rights, and folkly and mootish freedoms for all folk. Freehearted Folkships often draw upon a groundlaw, either written or unwritten, to show and spell out the thwaresome might of leadership. After a timespan of unbridled broadening throughout the H20th, freehearted folkship became the main mootish layout in the world.

A freehearted folkship may take unlike groundlawful shapes: it may be a groundlawful kingship (such as in Spain or the Foroned Kingdom), or a mootrick (such as in Ireland or Frankrike). It may have a lawmoot (which Ireland and Foroned Kingdom both have notwithstanding their unlike kinds of groundlawful leadership).

Freehearted folkships tend to have manifold broadly-granted rights, yielding all fullgrown townsmen the right to choose without reckoning of stock, whether one is man or woman, or ownership of land. However, throughout yore some lands thought of as freehearted folkships have not held these outlooks and some do not have hidden choosings. There may also be need for choosers to be 'known choosers' before being left to choose. Therefore, not all burghers settle on things; rather only those who choose to dealnim.

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