The Anglish Moot

Not to be mistaken for Freyr (Wanderstar).

Freyja, Fry, or Frigg (Mean English: Venus) is the tother wanderstar in from the Sun in the Sunhood. Its year is 224.7 Earth days, while a day on Freyja lasts 116 earth days.

The loft on the tungle is thick indeed, making it the hottest wanderer in the Sunhood. The groundheat is always at least 735 K (462 °C, 864 °F), and the mean heat is 735 K (462 °C; 863 °F). The liftshell is 96% coal-twisouring, and, owing to its thickness, is 92 times heavier than that of Earth at sea height. Freyja is shrouded by leamless swevelsour clouds, such that the ground cannot be seen from Earth. The tungle's ground is dry and rocky; with many more firebarrows than on Earth. There are eas and seas of brimstone, and swevelsour rain yeets down from the clouds. In yoretide, Freyja was a world much like Earth, having seas of water right like it, but this has not been so for more than 700 twisand years.

As Freyja spors inward of Earth's path, it can be seen in the morning and in the evening, but never at night. It can also seem rather bright, showing up in the heavens before stars can be seen. Owing to this, it is often called the "Morning Star" or the "Evening Star". Also, like Hermod and the Moon, it casts many blees of lighting.