Not to be mistaken for Freyja (Wanderstar).
640px-Saturn during Equinox

Freyr at its evenight.

Freyr or Ingvi (Mean English: Saturn; other names in Anglish inhold Ingwine or Frea) is the sixth wanderstar in the Sunhood. Freyr has a day lasting 10 stounds and 42 metes, and a year lasting 29 earth years. It is one of the four great lofters in the Sunhood along with Odin, Eagor, and Ymir.

Freyr is known for its great, icy rings, which take in falling stars faring through roomth. However, Freyr is not the only wanderstar with rings, as the other great lofters have them too.

It has 62 (and ariming) moons.

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