From left to right: Elsa, Kristoff, Sven the reindeer, Olaf (above Sven), Anna and Hans.

Frozen is a 2013 wonder-tale film by Disney whose plotline comes from the book "The Snow Queen". It is about a fearless young woman who sets off alongside a well-built iceman, his steadfast reindeer, and a unskilled living snowman to find her runaway sister, a queen-to-be whose icy spellcraft has unwittingly trapped their kingdom in unending winter.


Elsa, the queen-to-be of Arendelle, can cast ice-spurting spells with her hands, often doing it to play with her younger sister, Anna. After Elsa unwittingly harms Anna one night, their father and mother, the King and Queen, take both siblings to where the trolls live. The king of the trolls heals Anna, but takes out all knowledge of Elsa's spellcraft from Anna's mind. He also warns Elsa that she must learn to hold it in and stop playing with it. The King and Queen put Elsa in a room alone and don't let the sisters see and talk to each other from then on. Elsa shuts out Anna, bringing a rift between them. Since Elsa holds her spellcraft in instead of learning to deal with it better, she becomes more wary.

When the sisters grow up, their father and mother die at sea in a storm. At twenty-one years old, Elsa is about to become queen of Arendelle. She is frightened that the kingdom's towsnsfolk might find out about her spellcraft and fear for her. The gates open to guests for the first time in years. Among them is the cunning Earl of Weselton, and the dashing Hans, Atheling of the Southern Islands, with whom Anna falls in love at first sight. Elsa becomes a queen without a hitch, but she is still far from Anna. When Hans talks about wedding Anna, Elsa withstands, unwittingly doing her spellcraft before the guests. The Earl brands her a fiend. Elsa flees to the Northern Highlands, where she gives up being the queen and builds a stronghold of ice, in which to live as a loner. While she does it, however, her spellcraft whelms Arendelle in an unending winter.

Anna sets off to find Elsa and end the winter, leaving Hans as the king. She gets lost, stopping at Wandering Oaken's shop. She meets an ice harvester named Kristoff, and his reindeer, Sven, wheedling them to take her to the Highlands. An onslaught by wolves leads to Kristoff’s sleigh breaking. On foot, they meet Olaf, a merry snowman brought to life unknowingly by Elsa, who chooses to lead them to her. When Anna’s horse goes back to Arendelle, Hans sets out to find Anna and Elsa, alongside the Earls's underlings, who were hiddenly told to kidnap Elsa.

Reaching the ice stronghold, Anna meets Elsa, but when she tells what has become of Arendelle, Elsa becomes upset, saying that she cannot undo it, and unwittingly freezes Anna's heart. She then makes a very big snowman named Marshmallow, who hunts Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf away. Anna's hair begins whitening, so Kristoff takes her to meet the trolls, who take care of him as a son. Great Pabbie says that Anna will freeze in the whole unless "a deed of true love" undoes the spell. Kristoff races Anna back home so Hans can give her true love's kiss. Hans and his men reach Elsa's stronghold, overcoming Marshmallow, and kidnapping her. Anna is sent to Hans, but rather than kissing her, Hans instead tells that he has in truth been plotting to become king of Arendelle by killing both sisters. Hans locks Anna in a room to die, and makes the others believe that Elsa killed her. He bids the queen's killing, only to find out she has fled her lockup.

Olaf frees Anna, and they go into the blizzard outside to meet Kristoff, whom Olaf tells is in love with her. Hans fights Elsa outside, saying that she killed Anna, making Elsa break down. Anna spots Hans about to kill Elsa; she leaps in the way and freezes in the whole, stopping Hans. In great angst, Elsa hugs and mourns over her sister, who thaws out, her boldness being "a deed of true love". Finding out that her spells are led by love, Elsa ends the winter before giving Olaf his own snow flurry, allowing him to live the warmer weather. Both Hans and the Earl are sent to lockups and cast out of the kingdom. Anna and Kristoff marry, while both sisters are at last together again, with Elsa swearing never to lock the gates again.

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