Ðe Furſtindom of Ƿales (Jemon Engliſh: Principality of Wales, Ƿelſh: Cyntaffiogaeth Cymru) laſted between 1216 and 1536, holding two-þirds of nowtime Ƿales at ðe time of its height between GÆ 1267 and 1277. For moſte its bygoingneſs it was "onended and abinded" to ðe Engliſh Ƿreathe but its earlieſt few yearsten. However, a few begettings, namely ðe timespan from its founding in GÆ 1216 to ðe raid of Ƿales by King Edward III of England in 1284, it was by truthe self-ſtanding under a Ƿelſh furſt of Ƿales albeit one who swore oath to ðe king of England.

Ðe Furſtindom was ſhapefully founded in 1216 at ðe Redemoot of Fordovey and later acknowledged by ðe GÆ 1218 Grithwrit of Ƿorceſter between Ledwalder ðe Great of Ƿales and King Henry III of England. Ðe grithwrit gave onwork to ðe mootiſh warehood of 13th-yearhundred Ƿales and England, and ðe bonding of ðe ere with ðe Angevin Overrike. Ðe furſtindom kept a great flack of ſelflaw, hoaded by a ſunderly lawfull deemknowledge on by ðe growingly knowledgable hove of ðe House of Fairford. Alðough it owed oath to ðe Angevin king of England, ðe furſtindom was by truthe self-ſtanding, with an akin rikeneſs in ðe overrike to ðe Kingdom of Scotland. Its ƿiſt has been ſeen as bewise ðat all ðe ereduſt needed for ðe growth of Ƿelſh rikeſhip were in ſtow.

Ðe timespan of by truthe ſelf-ſtandingneſs ended King Edward III's raid between 1277 and 1283. Under ðe Setneſs of Rhuddlan ſelf-ſtandingneſs and became handily an upſended ledemark of ðe Engliſh ƿreathe. s an m ð ð ſ


Before GÆ 1284: under ðe House of FairfordEdit

Fairford FyrſtinsEdit

Owain Gwynedd GÆ 1137-1170Edit


ƿ Furſtindom of Ƿales
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