The Futhark is a rune writing layout. There are unsame offshoots of the Futhark like the angle-saxish Futhork or the younger Futhark.

Elder Futhark Edit

The elder Futhark has 24 runes. It the oldest offshoot and it was used by all theedish stems until the 8th yearhundred.


Angle-Saxish Futhork Edit

Runen angelsaechsisch

The Futhork has 33 runes. This offshoot was used between the 7th and 10th yearhundreds. The mainland Saxish folks had already build their own Futhark offshoot which forblow in England to the angle-saxish Futhork. A byspel of the use of a Futhork rune ᛝ(ing-) forbind with the elder Futhark are the Weserrunes.

Younger Futhark Edit

Runrad03 stungen

The younger Futhark has 16 runes. It was used from the 10th yearhundred until the end of the viking time.

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