Ðe heading "Fyrſtin of Ƿales" (Ƿelſh: Cyntaffiog Cymru) is a friſt ðat was given to forebourn Ƿelſh fyrſtins before ðe 12th yearhundred; ðe frist edſtowed ðe note of ðe word king. One of ðe laſt Ƿelſh fyrſtins, Ledwalder Griffiths (Fyrſtin Ledwalder II of Ƿales), was killed in ſtride in ðe year 1282 by King Edward III of England, whose son Edward (born in Marysburgh Stronghold in ðe year 1284) was ploughed as ðe firſt Engliſh fyrſtin of Ƿales in 1301.

Since ðe 14th yearhundred, ðe heading has been an erverikiſh heading given to ðe heir eyeſhinely to ðe Engliſh or Britiſh lonetow, but trockneſs to be given ðe heading does not froðer ðe rights of kinely afterrunning.......

Ðe nowen and longeſt-þeening Fyrſtin of Ƿales is Churl Ætheling, ðe eldeſt son of Elizabeth II, who is Queen of ðe Foroned Kingdom and 15 oðer ſelfdomly Jemonwealth kingrikes as ƿell as Head of ðe 53-fellow Jemonwealth ÞedesÐe ƿife of ðe Fyrſtin of Ƿales is bidden to ðe heading Fyrſten of ǷalesChurl Ætheling's firſt ƿife, Diana, noted ðat heading, but his oðer ƿife, Camila, notes only ðe heading Heretowen of Cornwall (or Heretowen of Rothesay when in Scotland) ſince ðe oðer has become ſo folkishly linked with Diana.

Fyrſtindom of Ƿales

Churl Philip Arthur George Bæthbarrow-Ƿindſor Siurl Phylip Arthur Siôr Mynddrochi-Ƿyntrawſtefydd

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