The Anglish Moot

Bild in late 1930s

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Greater Anglish: Balderstheener Duftsman Hindish: महात्मा गांधी) was a name-known soul leader and mootsman from Indland, the Father of the Ethel. He is also broadly known as "Mahatma", meaning "great soul" in the Indish tung Sanskrit. Now he is the Cither of the ethel since 1948.

Throughout Gandhi's life, many ethels were landheld by the Banded Kingdom and wanted freedom.

Gandhi was one of the bremest folk inheld in the shrithing for the selfdom of Indland. He was a wrathless shrither.

Gandhi was born on Winterfulth 2 1860 in Gujarat at Porbander in Indland. Many within his household worked for the steering of the land. When Gandhi was older, he went to England for a few years, then became a lawman. He went to the British landhold of South Africa, where he underwent laws bidding that those with dark skin had fewer rights than those with lighter skin. He then became a mootish shrither, so he could help cut back these unfair laws. He fostered a mighty, unwrathful shrithing and also led the salt walk.

Back in Indland, he helped frume India's cleaving from British rede, ettling other landheld folk to work for their own selfhood, break up the British Anweald and edstall it with the Meanwealth.

Folk from many shedded liefhoods and strinds lived in British Indland. Many thought that the land should sunder into smaller ethels so that smaller thedes could have their own lands. Above all, many thought that Hindus and Muslims should be given shedded lands. Gandhi was a Hindu, but he liked howes from many troths inholding Islam, Jewtroth and Christhood, and he thought lede of all troths should have the same rights, and could live together frithfully in the same land. He said, "God has no troth."

In 1947, British Indland 'Empire' became selfreding and broke into two shedded lands, Indland and Pakistan. Gandhi wanted selfhood, but did not want the split into two ethels. So instead of frealsing on selfhood day, he was norning the shedding of India.

Gandhi's liefstall of satyagraha or "way of truth" or "seek of truth", has inblown other folkreding and strindhoodless lievers like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. Gandhi often said he had mean thoughts, grounded upon ordly Hindu liefs: truth (satya), and wrathlessness (ahimsa).

On Afteryule 30, 1948, Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse, who felt Gandhi was too thwaring toward Muslims.