The Georgslied (Lay of Holy George; made towards the end of the 9th hundredyear; written down umb 1000) is an unwhole Old High Teutonlandish lay, maybe first sung, about the life of Holy George.

The lay in 57 or so staffs is found in the Heidelberg-handwrit which also inholds one of the writs of the Evangelienbuch of Otfrid of Weissenburg (to whose ownership it was given before). It seems however to have been written down by a draughtsman named Wisolf: the spelling is arm and the song breaks off with the words: "nequeo Vuisolf" ("I may not. Wisolf"). There is no showing of whether Wisolf was writing down an spoken writ, or whether he was againwriting an earlier written make.

It may stem from the Minster of Holy George at Reichenau or maybe Prüm Minster, both of which were early and weighty midstows of worship of Holy George.


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