The Anglish Moot

For ðas Mean Angliſh Sunder, ſeeth Gorgon.

Cratère de Vix 0007

A Girnen head on ðes outside of each of ſe Vix-krater's three handles, from ſe grave of ðas Welthish Lady of Wix, 510 BG

A Girn (/ˈɡərn/; ſtreeningly oneſome: Girnen, manifoldly Girnen, Yoren Graichiſh: Γοργών/Γοργώ Gorgṓn/Gorgṓ) doth been a wight in Graichiſh miſtlore.


Se name in Graichiſh doth forthbringen from ðas Yoren Graichiſh word gorgós (γοργός), which meaneth "grim" or "dreadful".



Ðas tale of Berrie beheading Metende doth meanen, beſtevenly, ðat "ðas Hellenes overran ðes gidden's head ſhrines" and "ſtripped her eretowins of her girnen maſks",

Se ſoothlife Perſeus was a hartow of a landferd of hirelings under ðas king of Derreth. He onſtelled ðas ſtead of Mycenae in 1289 BG, bewhile ðe Late Helladiſh IIIB. He and his trum overran Asasarame's head ſhrines, ſtripped her eretowins of her girnen maſks, and ðen took hold of ðes holy horses. And ðen when he and his bands edwent to Derreth with her ſtolen girnen maſks, he found ðat, in his lacking, his moðer was threatened and offnoted by Polydectes, and ſo he had to ſeeketh yenner in a harrow. Perſeus was gram and ſtrode into ðes room where Polydectes and oðer athels were acoming. Polydectes found it ferly ðat ſe heleth and his bands had come back alive and werned to believeth ðat Perſeus had accompliſhed ðes deed ðat he was ſet out to fulfilleth. Perſeus boded ðat he did, in deed, overcomen ðas ſnake gidden's head ſhrines, and as a ſeething, he and ðes hirelings unheeled ðe girnen maſks. But much to her overcome and wode, when Polydectes and his athels gazed upon thas grizly ergottends, he all laughed at ðes maſks, ſaying ðat he were not at all ðat scary. And ſo it was out of wrath ðat Perſeus and ðas lave of his landferd of hirelings all ſlaughtered Polydectes and his athels.

He afterwards rode over to Athens where he fandled ðas ſhrine of his foreborn Hellene wye gidden Athena – his fondmoſt gidden – and houseled, before her graft, one of ðes dearworthy girnen maſks which he and his landferd of hirelings had once ſtolen off ðes eretowins of ðes misunderſtood Minoiſh ſnake gidden on ſe ſame day ðat he yiſhed her Mysteries.

Ðas threefold-gidden and her eretowins, all of whom hiding behind forellowth girnen maſks, later became tokeniſhly melded as ðe Girne and her two girnen ſiſters.