Passing the mouse over words underlined with dots will show a translation in English of that Anglish or rare word.

The main aim of Anglish is to foster a greater love for one's own tung.

Many breme writers have herried and belikened the English tung, which can be an everyday tool, but can also be a frimful means to wend and shaft speech.

The goal of Anglish is to ross and wax the mailihoods of English by making readers and listeners aware about the ors and roots of words and showing that a high score of beclouding Latinish words is an unneeded inkshed, which can often be edstowed by swinful shorter English words, that are also better understood... Many words found here can and most likely will be gladly brooked by many readers and listeners, for fun as well as in everyday life.

The Anglish Moot is a reardly afanding webstead and does not aim to lead an overthrowing of every Latin, Greek and Frankish word in the English tung - no tung throughout the world has ever been bereft of any borrowed words - which would shend the frealsing of our tung. Well, maybe Icelandish has been bereft of every borrowing.

So, bid, love the English tung!

see also: Threshold of loanwords

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