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Godlore is the lore dealing with God and the beliefs of faith or worship. There are many worships in the world. The three Abrahamish faiths teach onegodliness, or the thought that only one God has being. These worships are Christendom, Jewishdom, and Muhammadom. Other worships, such as Hindudom, teach manigodliness. This kind of worships can have one, two, three, or an endless score of gods.

Godlore deals with the otherworldly realm. This is a realm of things which are unseen, have no body, and are outside the laws of worldken. Otherworldly things, like God, errandghosts, and the soul of man, are thought about in godlore.

On Holy Writ Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Genesis n The Beginning; The Start -
Ecclesiastes n - The Athelbodes (Calque of the Heb. קֹהֶלֶת‎, qōheleṯ)
Old Testament n - Old Bond, Lawsetness (OE ǽgesetnes)

On Christendom Edit

Chancery English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
absolution n foregiveness -
adiaphora n middlethings -
admnister vb give -
Anno Domini; A.D. adv in the year of our lord; YL -
antiphon n - wrixlesong (cf. NHG. Wechselgesang)
apologetics n wordwearylore -
Ascension n Upgoing Upganging (Brit.)
baptism n forwashing, fulwaying, christening -
baptize vb forwash, fulway, christen -
blasphemy n swearing hosp (<ME)

godsmear, holyshending

catechism n teaching frodleering (cf. Ic. Trúfræðslurit)
catechize vb teach -
Catholic adj broad church -
communion n fellowship -
concupiscence n lust -
confess vb acknowledge, own up beken (Eng., cf. NHG/Du. bekennen) andet (<ME andetten), det
confession n acknowledging (of sin), shrift bekenness (Eng., cf. NHG/Du. bekennen), andetness (<OE andetnes)
confide (believe) vb trust, trow -
congregation n foregathering -
creed n belief -
crucify vb roodfasten -
crucifixion n roodfastening -
damnation n hell, hellfire, ordeal -
deism n - godtroth
Demiurge n Craftsman, "god of this world" -
Demon n fiend, hellfiend, mare nicor, ork (<OE orc)
Demonology n fiendlore -
Devil n fiend, our foe/Foe -
Divine Service n Folkswork (Liturgy- "People's Work) God's Thane, Godsthane (<NHG 'Gottesdienst')
doctrine n Godlore, Godteaching -
dogma n - ground lief
Ecumenism n Broadening -
eschatology n endlore, lastlore, endtimeslore, endtidelore -
essence n pith; stuff -
Eucharist n Hallow-Sending; Sending,

thankmeal, Holy Supper, Lord's Supper, Lord's Board

evangelism n holy errand -
ex nihilo n out of nothing, from naught -
faith n lief, belief, trust, trow -
grace n gift, giveness -
Hallelujah interj - herrigod (calque of Hebrew)
harmartology n sinlore -
hypostasis n Under-standen; Pithsomeness; Thing -
impute vb reckon -
incarnate vb enflesh, embody,

be in the flesh, be made flesh, be infleshed, take on the form of

incarnation n enfleshment, embodiment -
justification n rightwisness, rightening, rightness, rightedness -
liturgy n folkswork, workship leedwork (calque of Gk 'leitourgia')
mercy n arm, milts, kindness -
martyr n - K
martyrology n - kitherlore (see wordbook page M for Martyr)
mission n errand, task, sending, sentness -
nihilism n naughtdom -
Original Sin n birthbane (c.f. William Tyndale's 'birth poison') ersin (<NGH 'erbsünde')
paradisiacal adj - nerxnawongly (<OE neorxnawanglic)
piety n awefastness -
propitiation n atoning bloot, armstock (c.f. Richard Taverner's 'mercystock')
repent vb forthink, afterthink -
repentant adj forethoughtly, rueful -
repentance n forethought, afterthought, rue -
resurrect vb gainrise -
resurrection n gainrising -
revival n edlivening, edquickening -
sacraments n holiworks, hallowings -
sacrifice n - bloot
salvation n freeing, health, hale -
sanctification n hallowing -
sanctify vb make holy, hallow -
scripture n writ, writings -
seminary n godlorehall, godlorehouse -

Of Bynames (Epithets) Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Adonai pr Our Lord -
Elyon pr - Enheightened One
Eternal One pr Everlasting One -
Father of Creation pr World Maker World Ashapener
Great Architect pr Great Builder -
Great Physician pr Great Healer -
Heavenly Creator pr Heaven's Smith -
Omniscient pr All-Knowing -
Omnipotent pr Almighty -

Of Wights (Beings) Edit

Chancery English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
apostle n errander, fro-sent (Richard Taverner) sendling (<NHG 'Sendling')
archangel n high-ghost -
bishop n overseer -
cardinal n - godsearl (cf. H Ic. guðsjarl)

Whule (cf. Sw. Hwul)

chaplain n - -
Charlemagne n Charles the Great -Carl the Great
curate n - -
disciple n follower, loreling, loreknight, learner -
Holy Spirit n Holy Ghost -
martyr n wale

(<ME wal, wale, wel, wæl)

bloot (<OE (ge)blot, 'sacrifice'), rood-bearer, cyther (<OE cyðere), witness (Gr. martyreo means 'I witness, I tell about'; Ar. also uses same root for witness and martyr)
pastor n shepherd, herder -
presbyter n elder -
Trinity n Threeness -

Of Happenings Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Advent n the Coming; the Onset -
All Saints Day n Allhallowmas, Hallowmas -
Ascension Day n Heavenfare's Day Gang-Day (<OE gangdæg)
Baptism of the Lord n Lord's Christening Lord's Fullwightening
Candlemas n - Glimmas
Christmas n Yule Cristesmass (<OE)
Day of Tribulation n - Arvethday, Arveth-day (<OE earfoþedæg; c.f. ME arveþ-sīþ)
Epiphany n - Sweetlingday (<OE sweotolungdæg), Atewmas (after Christmas, Candlemas, etc.)
Feast day n - simbleday (<OE symbeldæg)
Feast of Corpus Christi n - Wistforwandering Day
Feast of the Cross n Roodmas, Holy Rood Day -
Feast of the Transfiguration n - Forhallowing Day

Here and There Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
catacomb n - -
cathedral n headchurch -
cemetery n graveyard -
church n - Cristish worshiphouse, holy house
columbarium n - -
diocese n - bedereve shire
mausoleum n - -
mortuary n - deadhouse, bodyroom, bodyhouse
ossuary n - bonehouse
Paradise n - Nerxnawong
Pearly Gate n - Welkingate, Seahurstgate

Of Afterfollowings and Offsheddings (Sects and Denominations) Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Albigenses adj - -
Augustinian adj - -
Benedictine adj - -
Bethlehemite adj - -
Bogomil adj - -
Catharist adj - -
Carmelite asj - -
Carthusian adj - -
Cistercian adj - -
Dominican adj - -
Franciscan adj - -
Jesuit adj - -
Mercedarian adj - -
Trinitarian adj - -
Waldensian adj - -

Of The Seven Deadly Sins Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Acedia n Carelessness, Laziness -
Avarice n Greed Yetsing (<OE gitsung)
Envy n Nithe Nithenness
Glutton n - feelfret (ME feele, freten)
Gluttony n - Feelfretting
Lust n - Dernledging (<OE diernlicgan)
Pride n - Unmoodness
Ire n Anger, Rage, Wrath -

Of The Seven Heavenly Doughts (The Seven Heavenly Virtues) Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Charity n Kindness, Openhandedness Givleness (OE gifol)
Chastity n Maidenhood, Maidendom Unswivenhood, Famenhood
Diligence n - Heedfastedness
Gratitude n Thank, Thankfulness -
Humility n Lowiness, Meekness Lowlayth, Lamblikeness, Sackclothness
Patience n Forbearingness Thild (<OE geþyld, cf. NHG Geduld)

Moodthwearness (<OE módþwǽrnes)

Temperance n - Forhaveness (<OE forhæfnes)

Of The Seven Holy Undertakings (The Seven Sacraments) Edit

Anglish Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
1. Baptism n Christening; Seating Fulwightening (<OE ġefulwihtnian)
2. Confirmation n Strengthening, Starkening Besteadying (NHG bestätigung)
3. Eucharist n Housel -
4. Penance n bemoaning, berueing, rueing After-thinking (Lancashire dialect)
5. Extreme Unction n - Throughsmearing of the Sick
6. Matrimony n - Beweddening (ME weddian)
7. Holy Orders n - Holy Hoding (<OE hádung)

Of The Three Godlorish Doughts (The Three Theological Virtues) Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Aspiration n Hope -
Charity n *See The Seven Heavenly Doughts -
Faith n belief, trust, trow -

Of Things Edit

English Class Anglish (Attested) Anglish (Unattested)
Bible n Holy Book Cristbook when refering to Christianity
candelabrum n - glimtree
cartulary n - -
chalice n bowl way(e) (<OE wæge)
chrism n - -
chrismon n - -
christogram n - -
ciborium n - -
consuetudinary n - -
crown n wreath -
crucifix n rood -
crusade n roodfirding -
eleemosynary n - -
hoplochrism n - -
hymn n hymn (<OE ymen) Churchsong (<OE Ciricsang) -
hymnal n hymnbook -
missal n beadbook -
mosaic n - shardbild
Passion of the Christ n - Christ's Enachening
reliquary n - holychest
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