Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Oversetting Edit

In the great green room
There was a farspeaker
And a red loftball
And a bilth of-
The cow jumping over the moon
And there were three little bears sat by the stairs
And two little catlings
And a twin of fistlings
And a little toy house
And a young mouse
And a comb and a brust and a bowl full of mush
And a roolie old lady who was whispering "hush"
Goodnight room
Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon
Goodnight light
And the red loftball
Goodnight bears
Goodnight stairs
Goodnight catlings
And goodnight fistlings
Goodnight stounder's tick-tocks
And goodnight socks
Goodnight little house
And goodnight mouse
Goodnight comb
And goodnight brust
Goodnight nobody
Goodnight mush
And goodnight to the old lady whisperting "hush"
Goodnight stars
Goodnight loft
Good night noises everywhere

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