Greylag Goose
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Birds (Aves)
Shift Goosefowl (Anseriformes)
Kin Duckfowl (Anatidae)
Netherkin Goosekin (Anserinae)
  • Grey Geese (Anser)
  • Black Geese (Branta)
  • White Geese (Chen)

A goose (many: geese) is the name given to many long-necked waterfowl in the Duckfowl kin which outhold swans. They are often smaller than said swans while also stourer than ducks. Buck geese are also known as ganders while young geese are known as goslings. A samming of geese is called a gaggle. Geese are known to outwander in the spring and fall, flying together in a V-shape, known as a wedge.

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