Gorree V
King of Mann and ðe Iles
GÆ 974-989
Wreathing GÆ 974
Forerunner Mark
Afterrunner Reynall II
Wightly inſight
Death GÆ 989
Offspring Reynall II of Mann
Mælmarie, Queen betroðed of Ossory?
Full Name Middle-eld Gelish: Gofraid mac Arailt
Old Norse: Guðrøðr Haraldsson
Manx Gelish: Gorree mac Aralt
Anglish: Godfrey Haroldson
House Oe Ivar (likely)

Gorree V (Manx Gelish: Gorree mac Aralt, Older Gelish: Gofraid mac Arailt, Old Norse: Guðrøðr Haraldsson; died GÆ 989) was King of Mann and ðe Iles from GÆ 974 to 989.

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