Greater Anglish (also known as Clean or Thorough Anglish), not to be mistaken for High Anglish, which does not allow Norseborn words or Saxoned/Oldened Anglish, which aleaves olden bookstaves and speechcraft, is a byleid of Anglish in which wholly every word is Theedished, inholding ownnames, loughnames, and fremdling things that are not overset in any other Theedish tung. This byleid is less folkly than the main Anglish speech, Mean Anglish, which tends to let some fremdling words, such as landnames or deernames to be brooked.

Byspels of sundernesses between Mean Anglish and Greater Anglish: Edit

Mean Anglish Greater Anglish
America Emmericksland; Nightland; Markland, Wineland/Vinland
Africa Highsunland, Wendelland/Wendleland
Alexander the Great Werhelm the Great, Manhelm the Great
Asia Morrowland
Tiger Stripecat, Stripeking (cf. H. Ic. "rákakóngur")
Zebra Stripehorse
Karl Marx Carl Marks
Mohandas Gandhi Balderstheener Duftsman
Napoleon Bonaparte Newtonlee Goodshare
William the Conqueror Wilhelm of North[men]land
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