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Camel's Hump, the third highest upspot in the GUF.

The Greenhills Folkdom, also called Grendon, Greenbarrow, or Greendowns, is the next least indwellt Folkdom of the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland. It became a BF folkdom in 1791. Its biggest town is Burlington, with umb 40,000 folk. The Greenhills Folkdom is widely known throughout the B.F. for its manyhued leaves throughout the Fall. It is mired to the north by Quebec, to the south by Massachusetts, to the west by New Everwick, and to the east by New Hampshire.


The Greenhills Folkdom was born in 1791. Before that, it was a selfreding folkdom known as the "Vermont ledewealth". In neartimes, it has adwellt highburgers seeking to get away from the thretch and worry of living. 


The Greenhills Folkdom lies in eastern Northamericksland. Camel's Hump (right) is the bremest and 3rd highest peak, as. Camel's Hump is also the Greenhills' higest barren peak. The highest peak at 4,393 feet is Mansfield peak, in the town of Underhill. In the west lie the Champlain Lowlands, home to Burlington. In the northeast lies the biggest wilderness in the folkdom. The lowest spot is Champlain Waterspot, at 97 feet. This folkdom is often called the Northeast Kingdom.

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