Groovecraft (English: Minecraft) is a sandbox reckoner game made and drawn out by Swedish gamemaker Mark "Notch" Peterson and later further forblown and outlayed by his own business Mojang (Greater Anglish: Gadget). The game lets players build with sunderly sheathed worfles in a three-mealwidth forsetly made world befolken by many wights (known as mobs) such as fiends and deer. The game also lets players outfare, gather orshafts, build and fight.


The first fading of the game was aleased for mennishly reckoner players on the 17th of Merrymonth 2009. It then went through several fadings; foretoken, token, inforb (short for "in forblowing"), unforb (short for "unending forblowing"), A and B, before being reevely aleased on the 18th of Bloodmonth 2011.


ID Name
0 Loft (Air)
1.0 Stone
1.1 Moorstone (Granite)
1.2 Shined Moorstone (Polished Granite)
1.3 Undershedstone (Diorite)
1.4 Shined Undershedstone (Polished Diorite)
1.5 Andesstone (Andesite)
1.6 Shined Andesstone (Polished Andesite)
2 Grass
3.0 Dirt
3.1 Rough Dirt (Coarse Dirt)
3.2 Underash (Podzol)
4 Cobblestone
5.0 Oak Boards (Oak Planks)
5.1 Fir Boards (Spruce Planks)
5.2 Birch Boards (Birch Planks)
5.3 Orweald Boards (Jungle Planks)
5.4 Wattle Boards (Acacia Planks)
5.5 Dark Oak Boards (Dark Oak Planks)
6.0 Oak Sapling (Oak Sapling)
6.1 Fir Sapling (Spruce Sapling)
6.2 Birch Sapling (Birch Sapling)
6.3 Orweald Sapling (Jungle Sapling)
6.4 Wattle Sapling (Acacia Sapling)
6.5 Dark Oak Sapling (Dark Oak Sapling)
7 Bedrock
8 Flowing Water
9 Still Water
10 Flowing Rean
11 Still Rean
12.0 Sand
12.1 Red Sand
13 Chisel
14 Gold Ore
15 Iron Ore
16 Coal Ore
17.0 Oak Log
17.1 Fir Log (Spruce Log)
17.2 Birch Log
17.3 Orweald Log (Jungle Log)
Oak Wood
Fir Wood (Spruce Wood)
Birch Wood
Orweald Wood (Jungle Wood)
Wattle Wood (Acacia Wood)
Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Fir Wood (Stripped Spruce Wood)
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Orweald Wood (Stripped Jungle Wood)
Stripped Wattle Wood (Stripped Acacia Wood)
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
18.0 Oak Leaves
18.1 Fir Leaves (Spruce Leaves)
18.2 Birch Leaves
18.3 Orweald Leaves (Jungle Leaves)
19.0 Swamb (Sponge)
19.1 Wet Swamb (Wet Sponge)
20 Glass
21 Skystone Ore (Lapis Lazuli Ore)
22 Skystone Block (Lapis Lazuli Block)
23 Outdealer (Dispenser)
24.0 Sandstone
24.1 Etched Sandstone
24.2 Cut Sandstone
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone
25 Note Block
26 Bed
27 Mightened Spoor (Powered Rail)
28 Onfinder Spoor (Detector Rail)
29 Sticky Sucker (Sticky Piston)
30 Cobweb
Tall Seagrass
31.0 Grass
31.1 Tall Grass
31.2 Fern
32 Dead Bush
Pipe Limeshaft (Tube Coral)
Brain Limeshaft (Brain Coral)
Bubble Limeshaft (Bubble Coral)
Fire Limeshaft (Fire Coral)
Horn Limeshaft (Horn Coral)
Pipe Limeshaft Fan (Tube Coral Fan)
Brain Limeshaft Fan (Brain Coral Fan)
Bubble Limeshaft Fan (Bubble Coral Fan)
Fire Limeshaft Fan (Fire Coral Fan)
Horn Limeshaft Fan (Horn Coral Fan)
Seaweed Wort (Kelp Plant)
Seaweed (Kelp)
Dried Seaweed (Dried Kelp)
Dried Seaweed Block (Dried Kelp Block)
33 Sucker (Piston)
34 Sucker Head (Piston Head)
35.0 White Wool
35.1 Yellowred Wool (Orange Wool)
35.2 Bawsered Wool (Magenta Wool)
35.3 Light Blue Wool
35.4 Yellow Wool
35.5 Yellowgreen Wool (Lime Wool)
35.6 Pink Wool
35.7 Gray Wool
35.8 Light Gray Wool
35.9 Bluegreen Wool (Cyan Wool)
35.10 Bawse Wool (Purple Wool)
35.11 Blue Wool
35.12 Brown Wool
35.13 Green Wool
35.14 Red Wool
35.15 Black Wool
36 Sucker Lengthening (Piston Extension)
37 Leetooth (Dandelion)
38.0 Poppy
38.1 Blue Ballockwort (Blue Orchid)
38.2 Garlicbloom (Allium)
38.3 Quaker Ladies (Azure Bluet)
38.4 Red Houvebloom (Red Tulip)
38.5 Yellowred Houvebloom (Orange Tulip)
38.6 White Houvebloom (White Tulip)
38.7 Pink Houvebloom (Pink Tulip)
38.8 Oxeye Daisy
39 Brown Toadstool (Brown Mushroom)
40 Red Toadstool (Red Mushroom)
41 Gold Block
42 Iron Block
43.0 Twofold Stone Slab (Double Stone Slab)
43.1 Twofold Sandstone Slab (Double Stone Slab)
43.2 Twofold Wooden Slab (Double Wooden Slab)
43.3 Twofold Cobblestone Slab (Double Cobblestone Slab)
43.4 Twofold Bakestone Slab (Double Brick Slab)
43.5 Twofold Stone Bakestone Slab (Double Stone Brick Slab)
43.6 Twofold Nether Bakestone Slab (Double Nether Brick Slab)
43.7 Smooth Hardstone (Smooth Quartz)
43.8 Smooth Stone (Smooth Stone)
44.0 Stone Slab (Stone Slab)
44.1 Sandstone Slab (Stone Slab)
44.2 Wooden Slab (Wooden Slab)
44.3 Cobblestone Slab (Cobblestone Slab)
44.4 Bakestone Slab (Brick Slab)
44.5 Stone Bakestone Slab (Stone Brick Slab)
44.6 Nether Bakestone Slab (Nether Brick Slab)
44.7 Hardstone Slab (Quartz Slab)
45 Bakestones (Bricks)
46 Blastkeg (TNT)
47 Bookshelf
48 Mossy Cobblestone
49 Reanstone (Obsidian)
50 Fackle
Wall Fackle
51 Fire
52 Thurse Spawner (Monster Spawner)
52.50 Creeper Spawner
52.51 Boneset Spawner (Skeleton Spawner)
52.52 Spider Spawner
52.53 Ent Spawner (Giant Spawner)
52.54 Drow Spawner (Zombie Spawner)
52.55 Slime Spawner
52.56 Ghast Spawner
52.57 Pig Drow Spawner (Pig Zombie Spawner)
52.58 Enderman Spawner
52.59 Shrave Spider Spawner (Cave Spider Spawner)
52.60 Silverfish Spawner
52.61 Blaze Spawner
52.62 Moltenworfle Spawner (Magma Cube Spawner)
52.63 Ender Drake Spawner (Ender Dragon Spawner)
52.64 Wither Spawner
52.65 Bat Spawner
52.66 Witch Spawner
52.90 Pig Spawner
52.91 Sheep Spawner
52.92 Cow Spawner
52.93 Chicken Spawner
52.94 Squid Spawner
52.95 Wolf Spawner
52.96 Toadsmool Spawner (Mooshroom Spawner)
52.97 Snowman Spawner
52.98 Spotcat Spawner (Ocelot Spawner)
52.99 Iron Mennish Spawner (Iron Golem Spawner)
52.100 Horse Spawner
53 Oak Stairs
54 Chest
55 Redstone Wire
56 Toughhurst Ore
57 Toughhurst Block
58 Crafting Beed (Crafting Table)
59 Wheat Block
60 Farmland
61 Oven (furnace)
62 Burning Oven (Burning Furnace)
63 Standing Markering Block (Standing Sign Block)
64 Oak Door Block
65 Ladder
66 Spoor (Rail)
67 Cobblestone Stairs
68 Wall Markering Block (Wall Sign Block)
69 Switch (Lever)
70 Stone Thringing Clout (Stone Pressure Plate)
71 Iron Door Block
72 Oak Thringing Clout (Oak Pressure Plate)
Fir Thringing Clout (Spruce Pressure Plate)
Birch Thringing Clout (Birch Pressure Plate)
Orweald Thringing Clout (Jungle Pressure Plate)
Wattle Thringing Clout (Acacia Pressure Plate)
Dark Oak Thringing Clout (Dark Oak Pressure Plate)
73 Redstone Ore
74 Glowing Redstone Ore
75 Redstone Fackle (off) (Redstone Torch (off))
76 Redstone Fackle (on) (Redstone Torch (on))
Redstone Wall Fackle (Redstone Wall Torch)
77 Stone Knap (Stone Button)
78 Snow
79 Ice
80 Snow Block
81 Fatthistle (Cactus)
82 Clay
83 Sweetreed (Sugar Cane)
84 Swinbox (Jukebox)
85 Oak Hag (Oak Fence)
86 Marrow (Pumpkin)
Carved Marrow (Carved Pumpkin)
87 Netherrack
88 Soul Sand
89 Glowstone
90 Nether Gateway (Nether Portal)
91 Jack o'Lantern (Jack o'Lightvat)
92 Cake Block
93 Redstone Withhauler (off) (Redstone Repeater (off))
94 Redstone Withhauler (on) (Redstone Repeater (on))
95.0 White Stained Glass
95.1 Yellowred Stained Glass (Orange Stained Glass)
95.2 Bawsered Stained Glass (Magenta Stained Glass)
95.3 Light Blue Stained Glass
95.4 Yellow Stained Glass
95.5 Yellowgreen Stained Glass (Lime Stained Glass)
95.6 Pink Wool
95.7 Gray Stained Glass
95.8 Light Gray Stained Glass
95.9 Bluegreen Stained Glass (Cyan Stained Glass)
95.10 Bawse Stained Glass (Purple Stained Glass)
95.11 Blue Stained Glass
95.12 Brown Stained Glass
95.13 Green Stained Glass
95.14 Red Stained Glass
95.15 Black Stained Glass
96 Oak Trapdoor
Fir Trapdoor (Spruce Trapdoor)
Birch Trapdoor
Orweald Trapdoor (Jungle Trapdoor)
Wattle Trapdoor (Acacia Trapdoor)
Dark Oak Trapdoor
97.0 Befallen Stone (Infested Stone)
97.1 Befallen Cobblestone (Infested Cobblestone)
97.2 Befallen Stone Bakestones (Infested Stone Bricks)
97.3 Befallen Mossy Stone Bakestones (Infested Mossy Stone Bricks)
97.4 Befallen Cracked Stone Bakestones (Infested Cracked Stone Bricks)
97.5 Befallen Etched Stone Bakestones (Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks)
98.0 Stone Bakestones (Stone Bricks)
98.1 Mossy Stone Bakestones (Mossy Stone Bricks)
98.2 Cracked Stone Bakestones (Cracked Stone Bricks)
98.3 Etched Stone Bakestones (Chiseled Stone Bricks)
99 Brown Toadstool Block (Brown Mushroom Block)
Toadstool Stem (Mushroom Stem)
100 Red Toadstool Block (Red Mushroom Block)
101 Iron Rods (Iron Bars)
102 Glass Shive (Glass Pane)
103 Rindberry Block (Melon Block)
104 Marrow Stem (Pumpkin Stem)
Fastened Marrow Stem (Attached Pumpkin Stem)
105 Rindberry Stem (Melon Stem)
Fastened Rindberry Stem (Attached Melon Stem)
106 Droovebeams (Vines)
107 Oak Hag Gate (Oak Fence Gate)
108 Bakestone Stairs (Brick Stairs)
109 Stone Bakestone Stairs (Stone Brick Stairs)
110 Swambnet (Mycelium)
111 Waterbloom (Lily Pad)
Bubble Sile (Bubble Column)
Dead Pipe Limeshaft Block (Dead Tube Coral Block)
Dead Brain Limeshaft Block (Dead Brain Coral Block)
Dead Bubble Limeshaft Block (Dead Bubble Coral Block)
Dead Fire Limeshaft Block (Dead Fire Coral Block)
Dead Horn Limeshaft Block (Dead Horn Coral Block)
Pipe Limeshaft Block (Tube Coral Block)
Brain Limeshaft Block (Brain Coral Block)
Bubble Limeshaft Block (Bubble Coral Block)
Fire Limeshaft Block (Fire Coral Block)
Horn Limeshaft Block (Horn Coral Block)
Thritooth (Trident)
Shieldle (Scute)
Shieldtoad Shell (Turtle Shell)
Wraith Skinkin (Phantom Membrane)
Seahurstboat Shell (Nautilus Shell)
Heart of the Sea
Leading (Conduit)
112 Nether Bakestones (Nether Bricks)
113 Nether Bakestone Hag (Nether Brick Fence)
114 Nether Bakestone Stairs (Nether Brick Stairs)
115 Nether Wart Block
116 Spellbinding Beed (Enchantment Table)
117 Brewing Stand
118 Kettle (Cauldron)
119 End Gateway (End Portal)
120 End Gateway Frame (End Portal Frame)
121 End Stone
122 Drake Egg (Dragon Egg)
123 Redstone Chell (off) (Redstone Lamp (off))
124 Redstone Chell (on) (Redstone Lamp (on))
125.0 Twofold Oak Slab (Double Oak Slab)
125.1 Twofold Fir Slab (Double Spruce Slab)
125.2 Twofold Birch Slab (Double Birch Slab)
125.3 Twofold Orweald Slab (Double Jungle Slab)
125.4 Twofold Wattle Slab (Double Acacia Slab)
125.5 Twofold Dark Oak Slab (Double Dark Oak Slab)
126.0 Oak Slab (Oak Slab)
126.1 Fir Slab (Spruce Slab)
126.2 Birch Slab (Birch Slab)
126.3 Orweald Slab (Orweald Slab)
126.4 Wattle Slab (Wattle Slab)
126.5 Dark Oak Slab (Dark Oak Slab)
127 Bitterapple (Cocoa)
128 Sandstone Stairs
129 Greenhurst Ore (Emerald Ore)
130 Ender Chest
131 Tripwire Hook
132 Tripwire
133 Greenhurst Block (Emerald Block)
134 Fir Stairs (Spruce Stairs)
135 Birch Stairs
136 Orweald Stairs (Jungle Stairs)
Knowledge Book
Unbug Stick (Debug Stick)
137 Bidding Block (Command Block)
138 Beacon
139.0 Cobblestone Wall
139.1 Mossy Cobblestone Wall
140 Blossom Pot (Flower Pot)
Potted Poppy
Potted Leetooth (Potted Dandelion)
Potted Oak Sapling
Potted Fir Sapling (Potted Spruce Sapling)
Potted Birch Sapling
Potted Orweald Sapling (Potted Jungle Sapling)
Potted Wattle Sapling (Potted Acacia Sapling)
Potted Dark Oak Sapling
Potted Red Toadstool (Potted Red Mushroom)
Potted Brown Toadstool (Potted Brown Toadstool)
Potted Fatthistle (Potted Cactus)
Potted Dead Bush
Potted Fern
Potted Blue Ballockwort (Potted Blue Orchid)
Potted Garlicbloom (Potted Allium)
Potted Quaker Ladies (Potted Azure Bluet)
Potted Red Houvebloom (Potted Red Tulip)
Potted Yellowred Houvebloom (Potted Orange Tulip)
Potted White Houvebloom (Potted White Tulip)
Potted Pink Houvebloom (Potted Pink Tulip)
Potted Oxeye Daisy
141 Mores Block (Carrots Block)
142 Earthpears Block (Potatoes Block)
143 Oak Knap (Oak Button)
Fir Knap (Spruce Button)
Birch Knap (Birch Button)
Orweald Knap (Jungle Button)
Wattle Knap (Acacia Button)
Dark Oak Knap (Dark Oak Button
144 Shrithe Head (Skull) (Mob Head (Skull))
145.0 Anvil
145.1 Chipped Anvil
145.2 Scathed Anvil (Damaged Anvil)
146 Trapped Chest


  • Awakener
  • Bat
  • Blaze
  • Boneset
  • Bonesethorse
  • Boneset Horseman
  • Bleebird
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Jockey
  • Cow
  • Creeper
  • Donkey
  • Drow
  • Drow Pigman
  • Drow Townsman
  • Elder Keeper
  • Ender Drake
  • Enderman
  • Endermite
  • Ghast
  • Grill
  • ShraveSpider
  • Horse
  • Husk
  • Icebear
  • Ironman
  • Keeper
  • Moltenworfle
  • Mooswamb
  • Mule
  • Pig
  • Rightferter
  • Rob
  • Sheep
  • Sheepolf
  • Shulker
  • Silverfish
  • Slime
  • Snowman
  • Spider
  • Spider Jockey
  • Spotcat
  • Squid
  • Dwaler
  • Townsman
  • Wither
  • Wither Boneset
  • Wolf
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