Helsinki (Finnish)
Helsingfors (Swedish)
Helsingin kaupunki
Helsingfors stad
Stead of Halsingfores
Flag of Halsingfores
- Field
- Under-field
Revetung Finnish
Inwonername Halsingforer
- Boroughreeve

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz
Settled 1550
Landswathe 199.71 miles²
Befolking 642.045

Halsingfores (Finnish: Helsinki. Swedish: Helsingfors.) is the headstead and biggest stead of Finland. It is in the field of Newland, in southern Finland, on the shore of the Cove of Finland. Halsingfores has a befolking of 642,045, an townish befolking of 1,231,595, and a mickleboroughmoot befolking of over 1.4 micklered, making it the most folkful meanth and townish landspan in Finland. Halsingfores is some 80 thousandbeat (50 mi) north of Tallinn, Estland, 400 tb (250 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden, and 390 tb (240 mi) west of Holy Petersbury, Russland. Halsingfores has close sheedly bindings with these three steads.

The Halsingfores mickleboroughmoot landspan inholds the townish yolk of Halsingfores, EsboVandaGrankulla, and neighboring wayfarer towns. It is the world's northernmost mickle landspan of over one micklered folk, and the stead is the northernmost headstead of an EF fellow landship. The Halsingfores mickleboroughmoot landspan is the third biggest mickleboroughmoot landspan in the Northish ethels after Stockholm and Chapmanhaven, and the Stead of Halsingfores is the third biggest after Stockholm and Oslo. Halsingfores is Finland's overling mootish, learning, thriftly, couthly, and groundwork midst as well as one of northern Eveland's overling steads. Roughly 75% of outland fellowships that run in Finland have settled in the Halsingfores field. The nearby meanth of Vanda is the spot of Halsingfores Lofthaven, with everyday besteadings to many stops in Eveland and Sunriseland.

In 2009, Halsingfores was chosen to be the World Outline Headstead for 2012 by the Worldwide Redemoot of Leedships of Worksomeness Draft, narrowly beating Eindhovel for the sterling. The stead was the lay for the 1952 Summer Games and the 52nd Evedream Song Match 2007.

In 2011, the One-eyed daily rowed Halsingfores the world's most liveworthly stead in its "Liveworthly Steads List 2011". In the Wealthdom Keenness Fach's 2016 Livemight beshow, all-overing the best and worst steads to live in worldwidely, Halsingfores stowed in ninth spot among 140 steads.

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