The Anglish Moot
Free and Hanse Stead of Hamburgh
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Flag of Hamborough.png
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other tungs Low Saxish
Inwonername Hamborougher

- First Boroughreeve

Olaf Scholz
Settled 808
Landswathe 755 miles²
Befolking 1.787,408

Hamborough or Hamburgh (Theech: Hamburg; Low SaxishHamborg) is the twoth biggest stead and a boundland of Theechland, with a befolking of over 1.7 twisand folk. The reevename is Free and Hanse Stead of Hamburgh (TheechFreie und Hansestadt Hamburg).

The reeve name shows Hamborough's yore as a limb of the middle eld Hanse Bind, a free ricship stead of the Holy Romish Rike, a stead-landship, and one of the 16 landships of Theechland. Before the 1871 Foroning of Theechland, it was a fully sovereign state. Before to the forfastening switches in 1919, the folkish ledewealth was ruled by a flock of kindly great burghers or Hanseaten. Though edledgely shattered by the Great Fire of Hamborough, the floods, and landmighty fights inholding WW2 blasting raids, the stead fared to heal and spring up wealthier after each downblow.

On the stream Elb, Hamborough is a overling harbor and a worldwide besteading, means, yieldship and worksomeness hub, with headfourths and kernels of Loftfolkwain, Blohm + Voss, Aurubis, Bayersthorp, and Unilever. The wireless and farseer broadcaster NDR, Gruner + Year (Eveland's greatest thricking and forth setting stalwart), The Looking-glass and The Time are also hanged in Hamborough. Hamborough has been an foremost thrifting midst for yearhundreds and is the seat of Theechland's oldest stock wrixle and the world's twoth oldest benchhouseBerenberry Benchhouse. With the Worldwide Brooking for the Law of the Sea, the EU-LAC Groundwork, the UNESCO Body for Lifelong Learning, many bered and soft-line undertakings, and many worldwide talks like Hamborough Peak: China meets Eveland and the 2017 G20 Hamborough peak, the stead is also a building block in world moots and worldwide law.

The stead is a sightseer end of the line for both homeland and worldwide guestsrowed 18th in the world for liveworthly in 2016. Roofbottom stead and Boughhousefourdeal were set forth a World Birthright Ord by UNESCO in 2015.

Hamborough is a overling Evelandish witship, groundwork, and book-learning hub, with sundry loresteads and set ups. Its shaperly worksomeness and couthly ord inhold the Elb lovebond and Laeisz linplay halls, craft spots, glee begeters, and craftsmen. It gave birth to stirs like Hamborougher Learnhall and sided the way for bands inholding The Beatles. Hamborough is also known for sundry showhalls and a kind of songly shows. Holy Pauli's Roperbane is among the best known Evelandish earsport neighborhoods.