The Anglish Moot

Hamrich V and IV
King Hamrich V from ÞMB

Bangravely meting of Hamrich
King of England and Lord of Ireland
16 Holimonþ YOL 1386 - 31 Ƿeedmonþ YOL 1422
Foreganger Hamrich IV and III
Afterganger Hamrich VI and V

Hamrich V and IV (16 Holimonþ YOL 1386-31 Ƿeedmonþ YOL 1422), also clept Hamrich of Bergmouþ, was King of England as Hamrich V and Lord of Ireland as Hamrich IV from YOL 1413 and Hertoƿ of Ƿaterƿay as Hamrich IV from YOL 1400 hent his deaþ in YOL 1422.