Hamrich VIII and VII (later VIII and [I])
Lord Hamrich VII of Ireland (GÆ 1509-1541)
Hamrich, King of Ireland (GÆ 1541-1547)
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King of England
Sun., 22 Eaſt GÆ 1509-Fri., 28 Ere GÆ 1547
(N.K.: Sun., 2 Merr GÆ 1509 - Fri., 7 Mud GÆ 1547)
Wreathing Sunday, 24 Solmonth GÆ 1509
(N.K.: Sunday, 4 Haymonth GÆ 1509)
Forerunner Hamrich VII
Afterrunner Edward IX
Lord of Ireland
Sun., 22 Eaſt GÆ 1509 - Ingday., 18 Sol GÆ 1541
(N.K.: Sun., 2 Merr GÆ 1509 - Ing., 28 Sol GÆ 1541)
Forerunner Hamrich VI
Afterrunner Hisſelf as King of Ireland
King of Ireland
Ingday., 18 Sol GÆ 1541-Fri., 28 Ere GÆ 1547
(N.K.: Ingday., 28 Sol GÆ 1541 - Fri., 7 Mud GÆ 1547)
Wreathing GÆ 1542
Forerunner 1. Heading laſt held 362 years yeſtern by Ruairí, King of Ireland
2. Airebheartach I Brús (foreholder bewhile ðe Bruce bandwain 223 years back; bickered)
3. Hisſelf as Lord of Ireland
Afterrunner Edward II
Wightly inſight
Birth Hamrich Tiwdenson, II
Tuesday, 28 Solmonth GÆ 1491
Sty of Welcomeburgh, Greenwich, Kent, Kingdom of England
Death Friday, 28 Eremonth GÆ 1547
Sty of White Hall, Burgh of Weſtloneſted, London
Begraving Wednesday, 16 Mudmonth GÆ 1547
Holy George's Chapel, Windsor Stronghold, Berkſhire, Kingdom of England
Spouse Catherine of Aragon
(m. GÆ 1509, fordone GÆ 1533)
Anne Boleyn (m. GÆ 1533, put to death GÆ 1536)
Jane Seymour
(m. GÆ 1536, died GÆ 1537)
Ane of Cleves
(m. GÆ 1540, fordone GÆ 1540)
Catherine Howard
(m. GÆ 1540, )
Catherine Parr
(m. GÆ 1543)
by Catherine of Aragon
1. Stillborn Athelingin (GÆ 1510)
2. Hamrich Atheling, Hertow of Cornwall
3. Stillborn Atheling (GÆ 1513)
4. Stillborn Atheling (GÆ 1515)
5. Mere I, Queen of England
6. Stillborn Athelingin (GÆ 1518)
by Elizabeth Blount
7. Hamrich FitzRoy (mod)
by Anne Boleyn
8. Elsave I, Queen of England
9. ? (GÆ 1534)
10. Miscarriage (GÆ 1536)
by Jane Seymour
11. Edward IX, King of England

Oðers believed to be his
Moðer: Jane Pollard, wife of Rider High Stukeley
Thomas Stukeley (b. GÆ 1520)
Moðer: Frow Agnes Edwardes
Richard Edwardes (b. GÆ 1523?)
Moðer: Mere Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn and wife of Wilhelm Carey
Catherine Carey (b. GÆ 1524)
Hamrich Carey (b. GÆ 1526)
Moðer: Joan Dingley
Ethelreda Malte (b. GÆ 1527)
Moðer: Mary Berkeley, wife of Rider Thomas Perrot
John Perrot (b. GÆ 1528)
Full name
Engliſh: Hamrich Tiwdenson, II
Welſh: Curi Ap dawn, II
Corniſh: Cueffruw Ab Dewkon, II
Iriſh: Caoimh Mac Dhédáin, II
House Tiwden
Faðer Hamrich VII of England
Moðer Elsave of Everwich
Affastneſs Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs (GÆ 1491-1534)
Angliſhenneſs (GÆ 1534-1547)

For ðe Mean Angliſh ſunder, see Henry VIII of England.

Hamrich VIII (28 Solmonth GÆ 1491-28 Eremonth GÆ 1547) was King of England from GÆ 1509 and King of Ireland as Hamrich, King of Ireland from GÆ 1541 until his death in GÆ 1547. In Ireland he was known yeſterly as Lord Hamrich VII of Ireland (Iriſh: Tiarna Caoimhrí VII na hÉire). Hamrich is beſt known for his ſix wives, and, moreſo, his ſweats to have his erſt wedlock (to Catherine of Aragon) fordone.se

Early years[edit | edit source]

Born on Tuesday, 28 Solmonth GÆ 1491 ("8 Haymonth" on ðe everlaſting yearly daywrit) at ðe Sty of Welcomeburgh in Greenwich, Kent, Hamrich Tiwdenson was ðe third child and twoth son of Hamrich VII and Elsave of Everwich. Of ðe young Hamrich's six (or seven) siblings, only three--Arsman Atheling, First of Wales; Margaret; and Mere--outlived sucklinghood. Standelreeve

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Tiarna Treibhrí VII na hÉire
Treibhrí, Rí na hÉire

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