The Anglish Moot
Hartow of Westwales
Duk Kernow

Ðe ekename Hartow of Westwales (Mean English: Duke of Cornwall; Westwelsh: Duk Kernow) is a quid noted in ðe Peerage of England, trendly held by ðe eldest son of ðe rixing British onewielder, aforetimes by ðe English onewielder. Ðe Hartowdom of Westwales was ðe erst hartowdom ashapen in England and was staddled by a kinbook in 1337. Ðe anward hartow is Þengle Willem, ðe eldest son of King Churl III of ðe Oned Kingrich, while his wife, Caþren, is ðe anward Hartowen of Westwales.

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