Hateworthy Happenings (English: Horrible Histories) is a British show built on the book saga of the same name. It teaches about how other times of happenings aren't always great, and could be hateworthy.

Lists of Happenings broadcasts: Edit

  • Reckless Rock Time (Savage Stone Age)
  • Groovy Greeks (Greater Anglish: Groovy Graylandmen)
  • Rotten Romans
  • Funny Foretreckers (Potty Pioneers)
  • Stenchy Seareavers (Putrid Pirates)
  • Slimy Stuarts (Greater Anglish: Hettely House-Guardians)
  • Smashing Saxons
  • Cut-Throat Celts
  • Tameless Tudors (Terrible Tudors)
  • Sorrowfull Sickness Time (Measly Middle Ages)
  • Frightful First World Wye (Frightful First World War)
  • Woeful Second World Wye (Woeful Second World War)
  • Wiked Winora Times (Vile Victorians)
  • Baderdy Brimmans (Vicious Vikings)
  • Coldblooded Kingships (Ruthless Rulers)
  • Awful Egyptians
  • Good-looking Georgians (Gorgeous Georgians)
  • Wiley Witches (Wicked Witches, used once)
  • Tameless Teachers (Terrible Teachers, used once)
  • Awesome ORA (Awesome USA)
  • Insightful Incas (Incredible Incas)
  • Wildard Wordsings (Savage Songs, song special)
  • Hatefilled Heronlanders (Angry Aztecs)
  • Friendly French (Fabulous French)
  • Knavish Knights (Nasty Knights)
  • Wild Wyemen (Wild Warriors, one time)
  • Righteous Renaissance (Radical Renaissance)
  • Shocking Scotland
  • Tiresome 20th Yearhundred (Troublesome 20th Century)
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