Heathendom is a troth born in Eveland. It has many kinds of under-Godlores, namely those that were brought forth in Greekland, Rome and the celtish and teutonish lands of North Eveland.

Greekish HeathendomEdit

Romish HeathendomEdit

Romish Heathendom was the belief of all Romans in the Romish Rich for hundreds of years until it was overtaken by Christendom beginning with Constantine the Great.

Celtish HeathendomEdit

Teutonish HeathendomEdit

Teutonish Heathendom was common overall in north Eveland until being overtaken by Christendom some eight hundred years after the birth of the godling Jesus. The last of the heathens lived in Iceland. It took one thousand and five hundred years to rid Iceland of it's heathendom and give way to Christendom.

In Theedishland, there are folks wishing to bring it back to live under the word Germanisches Neuheidentum (Teutonic Newheathendom).

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