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Policy on Adding New EntriesEdit

  • All words that are not coloured orange are either attested, or they are implied. For instance, "yaysayer" is implied for it is the exact opposite of "naysayer" (which is attested). "Implied" words are those words which are made up of of a bound morpheme (e.g. un-, -some, -hood) and an attested root, or words whose exactly opposite does exist.
  • The order the words should be listed in is as follows. Without an entry: 1. verb, 2. noun, 3. adjective, 4. adverb, 5. preposition, 6. everthing else, phrases go last. Within an entry: Attested/Implied words come before made-up ones; pure Germanic words come before mongrel words; more usual, everyday words come before more exotic, less common ones; standard words being used in a non-standard way follow all other attested words, but forego made-up words.

Policy On Taking Out EntriesEdit

  • Before taking out an entry (unless it is composed of ONLY non-Germanic roots seen after 1066a.d.), one should bring it up either on the main talk leaf, or (better) the talkleaf for that letter. That a word in the wordbook has in it a root (or roots) of non-Germanic birth is NOT enough to warrant its outtaking from the list. It may well be the best or simplest word for the concept.
  • Non-Germanic words which were seen before 1066 are never to be taken out but at the unanimous consent of mootfellows.

Technical Help Edit

Font Hues Edit

In order to make individual words different hues, then write <.font color=X.> and then after the last word you want that hue, write <./font.>. DELETE the fullstops, however; obviously, DON'T write "X", either, but rather "red", "blue", "green" and so on. Examples: red blue green yellow pink orange purple

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