For the Roufrithsoned sunder, see Hamrich III of England.

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Henry III of England
King of England, Hertow of Waterway and Lord of Ireland
Birth Monday, 11 Winterfulth 1207, Winchester Stronghold, Hampshire, Kingdom of England
Death Wednesday, 26 Fogmonth 1272,
Westminster, London, Kingdom of England
Wife Edmera of Freawixel
Kingship 28 Winterfulth 1216 - 26 Fogmonth 1272
Forecomer John
Afterfollower Edward I of England (Longshanks)
House Plantagenet
Father John, King of England
Mother Isabella of Angoulême

Henry III Plantagenet (Greater Anglish: Hamrich of Winchester, Cornish: Treruw Caercadwent, Irish Gelish: Treibh de Chathaircuain) was King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Hertow of Waterway from 28 Winterfulth 1216 to 26 Fogmonth 1272.

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