Henry VIII and VI
Lord Henry VI of Ireland
Henry VIII of England
King of England
22 Eaſtermonth GÆ 1509-28 Eremonth GÆ 1547
Ƿreathing 24 Solmonth GÆ 1509
Foreling Henry VII
Æfterling Edward VI
Lord of Ireland
22 Eaſtermonth GÆ 1509-GÆ 1541
Foreling Henry V
Æfterling Hisſelf as King of Ireland
King of Ireland
GÆ 1541-28 Eremonth GÆ 1547
Ƿreathing GÆ 1542
Foreling 1. Roderick
2. Hisſelf as Lord of Ireland
Æfterling Edward
Wightly inſight
Birth Henry Tudor, II
28 Solmonth GÆ 1491
Greatlough Stye, Greenwich, Kent
Death 28 Eremonth GÆ 1547
White Hall Ethel, Weſtminſter, London
Spouse Catherine of Aragon
(m. GÆ 1509, fordone GÆ 1533)
Anne Boleyn (m. GÆ 1533, put to death GÆ 1536)
Sane Seymour
(m. GÆ 1536, died GÆ 1537)
Ane of Cleves
(m. GÆ 1540, fordone GÆ 1540)
Catherine Howard
(m. GÆ 1540, )
Catherine Parr
(m. GÆ 1543)
Among oðers
Henry, Hertow of Cornwall
Mary I of England
Henry FitzRoy (mod)
Elizabeth I of England
Edward VI of England
Erverike Tudor
Faðer Henry VII of England
Moðer Elizabeth of Everwich
Affest Romish Cætholicisem (GÆ 1491-1534)
Anglicanisem (GÆ 1534-1547)

For ðe Mean Angliſh ſunder, see Henry VIII of England.

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