Henry VII of England
Henry VII of England
Birth 28th Afteryule 1457

Pembroke Fasten, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Death 21st Eastermonth 1509

Richmond Kingshouse, Surrey, England

Wife Elizabeth of Everwick

- (King of England and Lord of Ireland) 22 Weedmonth 1485 - 21 Eastermonth 1509

Erverike Tudor
Forecomer Richard III
Afterfollower Henry VIII

Henry VII (WelshHarri Tudur) was the King of England and Lord of Ireland from his taking of the kine-helm on 22 Weedmonth 1485 to his death. He was the first kingly allthing of the House of Tudor.

Henry got the kingseat when his felds overwhelmed King Richard III at the Hild of Bosworth Field, the nib of the Wyes of the Loveblooms. He was the last king of England to win his kingseat on the field of hild. He grounded his right to the kingseat by wedding Elizabeth of Everwick, daughter of Richard's brother Edward IV. Henry was spowful in ednewing the might and steadiness of the English kingship after the brothers' wye. 

Henry is hailed with a number of rikecrafty, wealthly and frith-making startings. His backing-up of the British Iles's wool trade and his standoff with the Low Lands had longlasting wellfares to all of the British wealthdom. He set heed to speckmark, and instead of fiddling away gold his spotlight was getting new incomes. New tolls steadied the lawmoot's thrift, although a moot after his death found widespread mishandlings in the toll gatherings. After a kingship of nearly 24 years, he was afterfollowed by his son, Henry VIII.

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