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Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Hertowdom of Hornwall
Teguesoketh Kernow
Flag of ðe Hertow of Hornwall Herſten of ðe Hertowdom of Hornwall
Ashaping talemark Monday, 17 Meremonth GÆ 1337
Lonerede Edward VI
Mathel Mathel of England
Erſt holder Edward of Woodstock
Nowen holder Churl Atheling, First of Wales

Ðe Hertowdom of Hornwall (Mean Engliſh: Duchy of Cornwall; Corniſh: Teguesoketh Kernow) iſt one of two kinely hertowdoms in England, ðe oðer being ðe Hertowdom of Leisnburgh. Ownerſhip of ðe hertowdom and heading of Hertow of Hornwall at birth or when his ſib doeſt afterrunnen to ðe highſeat, but may not ſelleth holdings for wightly foredeal and hath tinted rights and income while a min...