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High King of Ireland
Ardrí na hÉireann
200px-Brian Boru, King of Munster

A mistimely meting of High King Brian Boru
Ekenames Ardrí na hÉire
Rí Érenn Uile
Imperator Scottorum
First king Slaíne mac Dela (mistly)

Máel Sechnaill I (stearly)

Last king Rory O'Conor
Aſhaping 9þ yearhundred YOL
Fordoing 12þ yearhundred YOL
Abode Ham of ðe Kings, Hill of Tara

High King of Ireland (Irish: Ardrí na hÉireann) was a kingly ekename in Gaelish Ireland held by ðo who had, or who be said to have had, lordship over all of Ireland. Ðe ekename was held by yorelorely kings and later sometimes mistimingly aloten or to talewoven heads.


In þe mist, ðo high kingship of Ireland was erst astelled by ðo Fir Bolg, who are believed by some ouþwits to have been an offshoot of ðo Belgers, ðo latter being a Gallish þeed ðat lived in latterday Bellowland.

Inroad upon Ireland by ðo Tuatha Dé Danann[]

Ðe given timespan and talewebs umb ðo Tuatha Dé Danann, furðermore, wissly seem to tie up swiþ well wiþ þe early Orebrass Eld inwanderers to Ireland. Hy were said to have rixed Ireland between 1896 and 1286 BIE, having eftcomen ðere from ðeam Norþen, in oðer words mayhaps ðo Bell Vat folks R1b-L21 stirring back to Ireland and Britten wiþ lots of Baltish/Norþ Evelandish inmong. And so mayhaps it was ðese Bell Vat-drawn folk, raðer ðan New Stone Eld folks, who were þought samgods by later Gaelish landseaters.

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