Holy Paul
São Paulo
Flag of Holy Paul
Ethel Rudland
Landshape Southeast
Landship Holy Paul
Revetung Portugalish
Dwellername Paulish

- Boroughreeve

Bruno Covas (2018–2020)
Settled 25 Afteryule 1554
Landswathe 587.3039 miles²
- in Full
- Huddlemete


Holy Paul (Portugalish: São Paulo) is the biggest stead in Rudland and also in the whole Southern Halfround and Nightlands, with a befolking of over 12 twisand dwellers. Found in the ethel's southeastern field, Holy Paul is Rudland's trade and craft kernel. Its name comes from Holy Paul the errander, a foremost bilth in the Book.

Holy Paul is bethought as a melting pot of many unsame folks, inholding Bull-landers, Dawnlanders, and Arabs.

The borough was grounded in 1554 by two priests, Manuel da Nóbrega and José de Anchieta. It belove more or less small until the mid-19th yearhundred, when it began to grow in befolking. Rudland's freedom from Portugal was spelled out in Holy Paul, in 1822.

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