HrBeing's YouTuber Clash was a video done by HrBeing having 39 YouTubers. It was sponsored by Apex Legends and talked over by Keemstar. It was done 2 times for $100,000 each.

List of Teams Edit

Team Name Being 1 Being 2 Being 3
Team Blue Lachlan LazarBeam Muselk
Team White PrestonPlayz Unspeakable Typical Gamer
Team Pink FaZe Adapt FaZe Rug FaZe Blaze
Team Gold CouRageJD NoahJ456 I AM WILDCAT
Team Green TheOdd1sOutAnthony Padilla Jaiden Drawn-films
Team Bluered KittyPlays Pokimane Valkyrae
Team Orange Alex Ernst Danny DuncanCole LaBrant
Team Light Blue FaZe Replays Sancho WestNick Eh 30
Team Dark Pink MiniLadd Tanner Fox Roman Atwood
Team Yellow FitzSwaggerSouls Zuckles
Team Red sWooZieLazyron Studios Wassabi
Team Dark Green What's Inside? (Dan) What's Inside? (Lincoln) Caspar

In Game 2, some teams changed farbs.

In Game 2...
White is now Dark Green Yellow was also Bluered (Editing Error)
Bluered became Dark Blue Dark Pink became Light Pink
Pink is now Gold Red is now Light Blue
Gold is now Red Orange was really Bluered
Dark Green is gone (possible quit) Light Blue is now Orange

Outcome List (Mostly Unknown for now) Edit

Game 1 Game 2
Being Team Farb "Killed" by Being Team Farb "Killed" by
1 Jaiden Green No One 1 Typical Gamer Dark Green No One
1 TheOdd1sout 1 Unspeakable
3 Alex Orange Jaiden 3 Yellow Typical Gamer
4 Roman Dark Pink Alex 4
5 Tanner 5 Red Unknown
6 Danny Orange Tanner 6
7 Mini Ladd Dark Pink Anthony 7
8 Anthony Green Mini Ladd 8
9 Typical Gamer White TheOdd1sout 9
10 Dan Dark Green Typical Gamer 10
11 DALLMYD Black 11
12 Preston White DALLMYD 12
13 JOOG Black Preston 13
14 Cole Orange Dan 14 Leon Lush Black Light Blue
15 Lincoln Dark Green Cole 15
16 Caspar 16
17 Wildcat Gold Alex 17
18 FaZe Adapt Pink Wildcat 18
19 FaZe Rug 19
20 CouRage Gold FaZe Adapt 20
21 Noah SwaggerSouls 21
22 Zuckles Yellow Noah 22
23 SwaggerSouls 23
24 Fitz 24
25 Lachlan Blue Sancho 25 Dark Pink


Dark Pink Red Team
26 Muselk 26 Zuckles Bluered Dark Pink
27 Lazarbeam 27
28 Sancho Light Blue Lazarbeam 28
29 FaZe Replays 29 Black Black Preston
30 Nick 30 Anthony Green By Itself
31 Lazyron Red Noah 31 Jaiden Unknown
32 Wasabi Lazyron 32 Unknown Bluered Light Pink
33 sWooZie Noah 33 Yellow Yellow Unknown
34 Leon Black Possibly Lazarbeam 34 Gold? Gold Unknown
35 Kittyplays Bluered DALLMYD 35 Unknown Unknown Preston
36 Valkyrae 36 Last Orange Orange Red Being
37 Pokimane 37 Unknown Dark Green
38 FaZe Blaze Pink Noah 38 FaZe Blaze Gold Unknown
39 Unspeakable White Unknown 39 Orange Being Orange Purple Being

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