This leaf is a drawth wordwrestling a riddle or a wen that has arisen in the making of Anglish. See other drawths.
Hi Folks, (I'm writing this in regular English for ease)

I think it is really imperative that people truly consider whether words exist on here before creating a new one, or adapting one from a similar language. For instance, Im seeing words such as 'allemean/ allmean being used for 'general', fine it is very much like German/ Dutch and Swedish - BUT I can find no trace of an origin for something similar in OE. only 'eormen' and 'gemaena' and indeed 'eallic' these are surely plenty enough for us to update. We really must be more vigilant with each other's posts, otherwise all our entries become a free-for-all. Naturally, I realise there will be arguments and reasonings about 'vowel' updates and such, however, this should not lead to an unnecessary word being created purely because someone likes the way its counterpart sounds in German, Dutch, Swedish, etc... Anglish and Anewed English is surely there to guard and update the wordstock of English's roots, not just needlessly borrow out of some misguided notion that because a word sounds like one from a related germanic tongue that it automatically belongs in Anglish/ English. Gallitrot

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