Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (born 26 Merrymonth 1949) is a British ricsman besteading as Leader of the Work Mootband and Leader of the Gainstanders since 2015. Corbyn has been the Belonger of the Witenagemot for Islington South since 1983. In athoughthood, Corbyn deems himself to be a folkship-fellowshipper.

Born in Chippenham and brought up in both Wiltshire and Shropshire, Corbyn got into the Work Mootband as a teenager. He wandered to London and became a spokesman for trader-thedes. In 1974, he was chosen for Haringey Thingstead until he was chosen as BW for Islington South. He has fought in Gainbundleriker Deeds, the Gainaparthood Beweighing and the Drive for Kernelandweaponing, and speaking for a foroned Ireland.

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