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  1. This is the sight that Isaiah, son of Amoz, saw about Judah and Jerusalem at the time of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah.
  2. Hear, sky, and listen, earth! YHWH has spoken, “I raised my children and helped them grow,but they have risen against me.
  3. Oxen know their owners, and donkeys know where their food is. But Israel doesn’t know. My folks don't understand.
  4. “O sinful leed, folk with an heavy load of guilt. They are offspring of evildoers, children adrilling yourselves. You have forsaken YHWH, loathed the Holy One of Israel, and wended your backs on Him.
  5. “Why do you still want to be beaten? Why do you simble to go astray? Your whole head is sick. Your whole heart is ill.
  6. From the bottom of your feet to the top of your head there is no healthy spot left on your body—only cuts, bruises, and fresh wounds. They haven’t been cleansed, bound, or soothed with oil.
  7. “Your land is a barren waste. Your chesters are burned down. Your fields are fordone right before your eyes by outlanders. So it is a barren waste, a land fordone by outlanders.
  8. Zion's daughter is left like an hut in a vineyard, like a shack in an earthapple field, like a town under siege.
  9. "If YHWH Drighten hadn’t left us a few outlasters, we would have become like Sodom and Gomorrah.
  10. Hear what YHWH says, you rulers of Sodom! Listen to the teachings of our God, you burghers of Gomorrah!
  11. “What do your many wight-bloots mean to me?" asks YHWH. I’ve had enough of your burnt agivings of rams and enough fat from your fattened calves. I’m not quemed with the blood of bulls, lambs, or he-goats.
  12. When you come up to Me, who asked you to trample on My hallyards?
  13. Don’t bring any more worthless grain agivings. I hate your holysmokes, your New Moon Frols, your days of worship, and the gatherings you call. I can’t stand your evil meetings.
  14. I hate your New Moon Frols and your andays. They’ve become a burden to me, and I’m tired of putting up with them.
  15. So when you stretch out your hands in bead, I will shut my eyes so I won't see you. Even when you bid a lot,I will not listen since your hands are drenched in blood.
  16. “Wash! Become clean! Get your evil doings out of My sight. Stop doing evil.
  17. Learn to do good. Seek fairness. Arrest downtrodders. Bestand the fatherless. Forething on behalf of widows.
  18. “Come on now, let’s talk about this!” says YHWH. “Though your sins are bright red, they will be made white as snow. Though they are dark red,they will be made white as wool.
  19. If you are willing and hearsome, you will eat the best of the land.
  20. But if you naysay and uprise, you will be foredone by swords.” YHWH has spoken.
  21. Oh, how the trusty town has become a hooker! Once her deemhalls were fair, and rightness lived there. But now: murderers!
  22. Your silver is not sheer. Your wine is watered down.
  23. Your rulers are atspurners, friends with thieves. They all love buy-offs and run after gifts. They never bestand the fatherless. They don’t hear the widows’ inthings.
  24. That’s why YHWH Drighten, the Mighty One of Israel, says, “I will get pay-back on My foes! I will bewreak My fiends.
  25. I will lay My hand against you. I will get rid of all your spots with bleach. I will take away all your dross.
  26. I will give you deemers like you had long ago, reeders like you had in the beginning. After that you will be called Rightwisburgh and Trustown.”
  27. Zion will be burged by YHWH's fairness, and those who wend back will be forgiven by YHWH's rightwisness.
  28. Atspurners and sinners will be crushed at the same time, and those who forsake YHWH will come to an end.
  29. You will be ashamed of the oaks that you wanted to worship and blush for the garden shrines you chose.
  30. You will be like an oak whose leaves wither and like a garden without water.
  31. Strong folks will become tinder for a fire, and their work will be the spark. Both will burn together, and there will be no one to put out the fire.

Head 2Edit

  1. This is what Isaiah, son of Amoz, saw about Judah and Jerusalem.
  2. In the last days the hill of YHWH’s house will be set up at the top of the hills and raised above the dunes. All the leedships will stream to it.
  3. Then many will come and say, “Let’s go to the hill of YHWH, to the house of the God of Jacob. And He will teach us His ways so that we can live by them.” The teachings will go out from Zion. YHWH's Word will go out from Jerusalem.
  4. Then he will deem between the heathens and set things right for many folks. They will hammer their swords into plowblades and their spears into pruning knives. Heathen will never fight heathen, and they will never arready for war again.
  5. Come, Jacoblings, let’s live in the light of YHWH.
  6. But You have forsaken Your folk, the seeds of Jacob, for they are filled with Eastern sway. They are galderers like the Philisters, and they make deals with outlanders.
  7. Their land is filled with silver and gold, and there is no end to their hordes. Their land is filled with horses, and there is no end to their wagons.
  8. Their land is filled with falsegods, and they worship what their hands have made and what their fingers have shopen.
  9. So when someone bows down and a weres bemeek themselves, you should not forgive them.
  10. Go in among the rocks and hide underground from dread of YHWH and the wulder of His drightness.
  11. Overproud folks will be made meek. High and mighty folks will be brought down. On that day YHWH only will be worshipped.
  12. YHWH Drighten will have His day against all who are high and overproud, against all who lift themselves upagainst all the towering and mighty cedars of Lebanon and all the oaks of Bashan,
  13. against all the high dunes and all the lofty hills,
  14. against every high steeple and every afasted wall,
  15. against all the great ships of Tarshish and all the sheenful boats.
  16. Then the overproud will be brought down,and high and mighty folks will be made meek. On that day YHWH only will be worshipped.
  17. Then falsegods will awerthe fully.
  18. Folks will go into caves in the rocks and into holes in the ground to get away from YHWH’s dread and the wulder of His Drightness when he rises to dreaden the earth.
  19. On that day folks will throw to the moles and the bats the silver and gold falsegods that they made for themselves to worship.
  20. They will go into caves in the rocks and into cracks in the cliffs to get away from YHWH’s dread and the wulder of His Drightness when he rises to dreaden the earth.
  21. Stop trusting wer. Its life is in its nostrils.How can it be worth anything?

Head 3Edit

  1. See now, Drighten, YHWH Almighty, will take from Jerusalem and Judah every kind of underpinning and their whole store of food and water.
  2. a strong man and a warrior, a deemer and soothsayer, a foreteller and an elder,
  3. an headman and a man of high rank, reders, skilled workers, and galderers.
  4. "I will make bairns their leaders. Children will rule them."
  5. Folks will trod down on each other, and everyone will trod down their neighbor. The young will make fun of the old, and homely folks will make fun of athelmen.
  6. One will grab one of one's kin from one's father's kin and say, "You have a coat. Be our leader. This falling is under your hand."
  7. When that day comes the kinsman will whine and say, "I'm not an healer! I don't have any food or a coat in my home. Don't make me a leader of our kinfolk."
  8. Jerusalem has stumbled, and Judah has fallen, for the sake of what they say and what they do is against YHWH. They are gainstanding His drightness.
  9. The look on their nebs gives them away. They boast about their sins, like Sodom. They don't even bother to hide them. Woe to them, for they have brought banefall on themselves.
  10. Happy are the upright. They will taste the yield of their swiking.
  11. Unhappy are the sinners! For what they have done will be done to them.
  12. "Children will boss my folk. Women will rule them. My folk, your guides mislead you, and you don't know which way to go."
  13. YHWH will get up to speak against the folk. He stands to doom them.
  14. YHWH will go to deemhall with the elders and leaders of His folk: "You have burned down the vineyard! Your houses are filled with goods stolen from the needy."
  15. "How can you crush my folk and grind down the heads of the needy?" asks Drighten, YHWH Almighty.
  16. YHWH also said, "The women of Zion are overproud. They walk with their noses in aloft, winking their eyes, strutting, jingling their anklebands."
  17. Drighten will make sores to pop up on the heads of the women of Zion, and YHWH will make their maytrills bare.
  18. On that day the Lord will take away everything they are proud of: jingling anklebands, headbands, moon-shaped neckbands,
  19. hangers, wristbands, scarves,
  20. hats, anklebands, shirts, awortboxes (<OE gewyrtbox), highgalders,
  21. earrings, nose rings,
  22. hot dresses, coats, shawls, purses,
  23. glancers, underwear, headdresses, and wimples.
  24. Instead of the smell of forsmoke, there will be the stench of rotting. Instead of belts they will wear ropes. Instead of sheen hair bald heads. Instead of rich clothes sackcloth. Shame instead of sheenhood.
  25. Women, your warriors will die in fighting. Your mighty men will die in battle.
  26. The gates of Zion will weep and mourn, and she will sit on the ground, robbed of everything.

Head 4Edit

  1. When that day comes, seven women will grab one man and say, "We'll eat our own food and afford our own clothes. Only let us wed you for your name. Take away our shame."
  2. When that day comes, the YHWH's branch will be sheen and wonderful. The yield of the land will be the pride and glee of Israel's outlasters.
  3. Then whoever is left in Zion and still alive in Jerusalem will be called holy, everyone who is ledgered among the living in Jerusalem.
  4. Drighten will wash away the filth of Zion's folk and clean bloodstains from Jerusalem with a ferrow of doom and a ferrow of burning.
  5. YHWH will make a cloud of smoke during the day and a glowing flame of fire during the night over the whole realm of the Hill of Zion and over the gathering.
  6. His wulder will spread over everything and be a shelter from the heat during the day and an haven and hiding stead from storms and rain.

Head 5Edit

  1. Let me sing a lovesong to my beloved about his vineyard: My beloved had a vineyard on a blooming hill.
  2. He dug it up, cleared it of stones, beworted it with the best vines, built a watchsteeple in it, and made a winethrimp in it. Then he waited for it to yield good wineberries, but it yielded only sour, wild wineberries.
  3. Now then, you indwellers of Jerusalem and Judah, deem between Me and My vineyard!
  4. What more could have been done for my vineyard than what I have already done for it? When I waited for it to yield good wineberries, why did it yield only sour, wild wineberries?
  5. Now then, let me tell you what I will do to My vineyard. I will tear away its hedge so that it can be eaten up and tear down its wall so that it can be overtrod.
  6. I will make it a wasteland. It will never be pruned or hoed. Thorns and weeds will grow in it, and I will bebid the clouds not to rain on it.
  7. The vineyard of YHWH Drighten is the leed of Israel, and the folk of Judah are the garden of his queming. He looked for fairness but found bloodshed, for rightwisness but found needroups.
  8. Woe to you who buy house after house and get field after field till there's room only for you to live in the land.
  9. With my own ears I heard YHWH Drighten say, "Many houses will become empty. Large, sheen houses will be without anyone to live in them.
  10. A ten-acre vineyard will yield only six gallons of wine, and two fourths of seed will yield only four fouths of grain."
  11. Woe to those who get up early to look for a drink, who sit up late until they are drunk from wine.
  12. At their merrymakings there are fiddles and harps, drums and horns, and wine. Yet, they don't pay heed to what YHWH is doing or see what his hands have done.
  13. "My folk will go into ferried away since they are witless to what I'm doing. Athelmen will starve, and everyday folks will be dry with thirst."
  14. That is why the grave's craving ekes. It opens its mouth sore wide so that athelmen and everyday folks will go down into it, so that the folk's wulder, with all their dinsome fun will go down into it.
  15. Folks will be brought down. Everyone will be made meek. And the eyes of overproud folk will be brouth low.
  16. YHWH Drighten will be worshipped when He deems. The holy God will show Himself to be holy when he does what is right.
  17. Then lambs will graze as if they were in their own green abode, and outlanders will eat among the wastelands of the rich.
  18. Woe to those who string folks along with lies and empty oaths, and sins with ropes of a wagon.
  19. They say, "Let God hurry and quickly do his work so that we can see what He has in mind. Let the plan of the Holy One of Israel happen quickly so that we can understand what He is doing."
  20. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who make darkness light and light darkness, who make bitter sweet and sweet bitter.
  21. Woe to those who think they are wise and think themselves shrewd.
  22. Woe to those who are gods of drinking, who are heleths at mingling drinks,
  23. who bequeath the guilty guiltless for a pay, who take away the rights of the upright.
  24. So, as flames burn up straw and dry grass shrivels in flames, so their roots will rot, and their blossoms will blow away like dust, since they have gone against the teachings of YHWH Drighten and have scorned the word of the Holy One of Israel.
  25. That's why the anger of YHWH burns hot against His folk, and has stretched out His fist against them to strike them. The hills shake in dread, and dead bodies lie like trash in the roadways. Even after all this, His anger has not stopped, and He will still stretch out His hand to strike.
  26. YHWH raises up a flag for a folk far away. With a whistle He beckons those at the ends of the earth, and they are coming sore fast!
  27. None of them grow tired or trip. None of them slumber or sleep. The belts on their waists aren't loose or their shoe straps broken.
  28. Their arrows are sharpened; all their bows are ready to shoot. Their horses' hoofs are as hard as flint. Their wagon wheels like a whirl-wind.
  29. They roar like a she-leow. They growl like a young leow. They growl as they snatch their kill and ferry it off to a stead beyond nerry.
  30. On that day they will roar over their kill as the sea roars. If they look at the land, they will see only darkness and need. Even the light will be darkened by thick clouds.

Head 6Edit

  1. In the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a high and lofty throne. The bottom of his robe filled the worship-house.
  2. Above Him stood errandghosts. Each had six wings, two to hide their faces, two to hide His feet, and two to fly with.
  3. They kept calling to each other, saying, "Holy, holy, holy is YHWH Drighten! The whole earth is filled with His wulder."
  4. Their stevens shook the undergirdings of the thresholds, and the house filled with smoke.
  5. So I said, "Oh, no! I'm doomed. Every word that fares through my lips is sinful. I live among folks with sinful lips. I have seen the king, YHWH Drighten!"
  6. Then one of the errandghosts flew to me. In his hand was a burning coal that he had taken from the glowstead with tongs.
  7. He rined my mouth with it and said, "This has rined your lips. Your guilt is taken away, and your sin is forgiven."
  8. Then I heard YHWH ask, "Whom will I send? Who will go for us?" I said, "Here I am. Send me!"
  9. And He said, "Go and tell these leeds, 'You can go on hearing but never understand. You can go on seeing but never wit.'
  10. Make the mind of these leeds dull. Plug their ears. Shut their eyes. Otherwise, they may see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their minds, and wend and be healed."
  11. I asked, "How long, O Lord?" And He answered, "Till the towns lie waste with no one living in them, till there's nobody in the houses, and the land is utterly empty.
  12. Till YHWH sends His folk far away, and much of the middle of the land will be forsaken.
  13. Even if one tenth of the leed is left in it, the land will be burned again. When an hallowed oak or an oak is cut down, it will have a stump left- it's stump will be an holy seed."

Head 7Edit

  1. When Ahaz, son of Jotham and grandson of Uzziah, was king of Judah, Aram's King Rezin and Israel's King Pekah, son of Remaliah, went to Jerusalem to attack it, but they couldn't keep it up.
  2. When word reached David's erverike that the Aramealings were staying in Ephraim, the hearts of the king and his folk were shaken as the trees of the forest are shaken by the wind.
  3. Then YHWH said to Isaiah, "Go out with your son, Shear-Yashuv (A-Leftover-Will-Witherfare), to meet Ahaz at the end of the ditch of the Upper Pool on the road to the Washerman's Field.
  4. Say to him, 'Be careful, stay calm, and don't dread. Don't lose heart by these two tails of smoldering logs, the stark ire of Rezin and Remaliah's son.'
  5. Aram, Ephraim, and Remaliah's son have planned evil against you, saying,
  6. 'Let's beset Judah, tear it asunder, dole it out among ourselves, and set up Tabeel's son as its king.'
  7. This is what YHWH Drighten says: It won't work; it won't happen.
  8. The headchester of Aram is Damascus, and Rezin rules in Damascus. Ephraim will be smashed within 65 years so that it will no longer be a leedship.
  9. The headchester of Ephraim is Samarland, and Remaliah's son rules Samarland. If you don't believe, you won't stay standing.
  10. Again YHWH spoke to Ahaz,
  11. "Ask YHWH your God for a token. It can be as deep as hell or as high as the sky."
  12. But Ahaz answered, "I won't ask; I wouldn't think of testing YHWH."
  13. "Listen now, seeds of David," Isaiah said. "Is it too little for you to weary weres? Must you also try my God?
  14. So Drighten Himself will give you this token: A hagostealdly will forseed and birthe a son, and she will name him Immanuel (God-With-Us).
  15. He will eat cheese and honey so he learns to naysay evil and choose good.
  16. Indeed, before the bairn knows how to shun evil and choose good, the land of the two kings who scare you will be forsaken.
  17. "YHWH will bring on you, your folk, and your fore-elders' kin a time unlike any since Ephraim left Judah: the king of Assyria.
  18. On that day YHWH will whistle for the flies at thestreams of the Nile in Egyptland and for the bees in Assyria.
  19. All of them will come and settle in the deep dales, in the cracks in the cliffs, on all the thornbushes, and at all the water holes.
  20. "On that day YHWH will hire the king of Assyria from the other side of the Euphrates to be a knife to shave the hair on your head, the hair between your legs, and even your beard.
  21. Then someone will keep alive a young cow and two sheep.
  22. They will eat cheese, since they will give so much milk. Everyone who is left in the land will eat cheese and honey.
  23. On that day, everywhere where there were once 1,000 vines (worth 1,000 bits of silver), there will be briars and thorns.
  24. Folks will come there with bows and arrows to hunt since the whole land will be filled with briars and thorns.
  25. And you will not go anywhere in the hills that were cultivated of old since they will be filled with briars and thorns. It will be a stow for letting oxen loose and sheep run."

Head 8Edit

  1. YHWH said to me, "Get a big writing leaf, and write on it with a feather: 'Maher Shalal Hash Baz' [Hasten to the Loot, hurry to the kill].
  2. I will have these trusty witnesses: the priest Uriah and Zechariah (son of Jeberechiah)."
  3. I slept with the seer's wife. She became with-child and gave birth to a son. YHWH told me, "Name him Maher Shalal Hash Baz.
  4. Before the bairn knows how to say 'Daddy' or 'Mommy,' the wealth of Damascus and the loot from Samarland will be ferried away to the king of Assyrland."
  5. YHWH spoke to me again,
  6. "These folks have cast away the softly flowing water of Shiloah and find glee in Rezin and Remaliah's son."
  7. Drighten is going to bring against them the stark and mighty waters of the Goodford (Euphrates), namely the king of Assyrland with all his drightness. It will overflow all its fords and go over all its banks.
  8. It will sweep through Judah. It will overflow and fare on; it will be neck-high. Its outspread wings will fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.
  9. Band together, you folk, and dread. Hearken, all you far-off lands.
  10. Plan and it will come to nothing. Queath and it will not come true, for God is with us!
  11. This is what YHWH said with his stark hand on me. He warned me not to follow the ways of these folks:
  12. "Don't hallow whatever these folks call hallowed. Don't fear what they fear. Don't let it bedread you."
  13. But hallow YHWH Drighten. He is the One you should fear and dread.
  14. He will be an haven for you. But He will also be a Rock that makes folks trip and a stumbling block for both rikes of Israel. He will be a trap and a snare for those who live in Jerusalem.
  15. Many will stumble, fall, be broken, trapped, and caught.
  16. Let my teaching be sealed: and my words be given to my followers alone.
  17. I will wait for YHWH, who hides His neb from the seeds of Jacob. I will look for Him.
  18. I am here with the children that YHWH has given me. We are marks and tokens in Israel from YHWH Drighten, who lives on Zion's hill.
  19. If they tell you, "Ask for help from the ghosts and goblins, who whisper and mutter," shouldn't folks ask their God for help instead? Should they ask the dead to help the living?
  20. Back to inlightening and God's Word! If anyone doesn't speak nigh this Word, there is no dawn on them.
  21. They will wayfare through the land when they are weighed-down and hungry. When they are hungry, they will be ireful. When they will look up, awerry their king and God.
  22. They will look at the earth and see only darkness and gloom. They will go into black night where there is no seeing.

Head 9Edit

  1. But for the land that is in need there will be no more gloom. Of old, God bemeeked the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali. But in the end He will bring wulder to the road by the sea, to the land over the Jordan, to Galilee, where the Heathen live.
  2. The folks that walk in darkness will see a great light. On those who live in the land of gloom a light will shine.
  3. You will make the leed grow, and you will make the folks happy. They will be glad before You like those who frolic at harvest or glee when splitting up the loot.
  4. You will break the yoke that burdens them, the bar that is over their shoulders, and the stick brooked by their downtrodder, as you did in the battle against Midian.
  5. Every warrior's boot trodding to the swey of fight and every clothing rolled in blood will be burned as firefod.
  6. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. The rike will rest on his shoulders. He will be named: Wonderful, Reder, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, Atheling of Frith.
  7. His rike and frith will have grow endlessly. He will set up David's throne and rikedom. He will uphold it with fairness and rightwisness now and forever. YHWH Drighten is earnest to do this!
  8. YHWH sent a word against Jacob, and it falls on Israel.
  9. All the folk of Ephraim and the folk who live in Samarland will know it. With proud and bold hearts they will say,
  10. "Bricks have fallen, but we will build anew with hand-cut stones. Fig trees have been cut down, but we will edstow them with cedars."
  11. Still, YHWH will set Rezin's foes against Israel and will stir up its feinds-
  12. the Aramealings from the east and the Philistlings from the west. With open mouths they will gobble Israel. Even after all this, His ire will not die down, and He is still ready to strike.
  13. But the folk will not wend back to the One who strikes them, nor will they ask for help from YHWH Drighten.
  14. So in one day YHWH will cut off Israel's head and tail, the reed and palm bough.
  15. The Elders and athel are the head. Seers who teach lies are the tail.
  16. Those who guide these folks lead them astray. Those who are guided by them will be fordone.
  17. That is why Drighten won't spare their youth, nor will he feel sorry for their fatherless and widows. For they are all godless evildoers, and every mouth speaks daftness. Even after all this, His ire will not die down, and He is still ready to strike.
  18. Yes, wickedness burns like fire. It burns up briars and thorns. It sets the underbrush in the treeyard on fire, and it whirls upward in clouds of smoke.
  19. The ire of YHWH Drighten will bewhalve the land, and the folk are like firefod. No one cares for each other:
  20. On the right, one gobbles up food and is still starving. On the left, another eats and is never full. Everyone eats the flesh of their own children.
  21. Manasseh scarfs down Ephraim. Ephraim scarfs down Manasseh. Both attack Judah. Even after all this, His ire will not die down, and He is still ready to strike.

Head 10Edit

  1. Woe to those who make unfair laws and who make laws too hard to keep;
  2. wherethrough the needy are downtrodden on every side, and the guiltless are therewith robbed of deemship. They make a killing on widows and rob the fatherless.
  3. What will you do on the day you are called to reckon for these things, when doom comes from afar? Where will you run for help? Where will you leave your wealth?
  4. Nothing's left but to crouch among boundfolk and to lie among the dead. Even after all this, His ire will not die down, and He is still ready to strike.
  5. Woe to Assyrland! It is the rod of my wrath. My ire is the staff in the Assyrlings' hands.
  6. I send them against a godless folk. In my wrath I send them against the heathens to take their belongings, loot them, and trod upon them like mud on the roadway.
  7. But that's not what they want to do. Their minds don't work that way. Their only want to fordo and put an end to many folks.
  8. They ask, 'Aren't all our leaders kings?
  9. Isn't Calno as easy to win as Carchemish? Is it harder to overthrow Hamath than Arpad? Or is it lighter to overcome Damascus than Samarland?'
  10. My weal has kenned to win rikes which have falsegods, but not Jerusalem or Samarland.
  11. Shouldn't I do to Jerusalem and its falsegods what I've done to Samarland and its falsegods?"
  12. When YHWH has done all His work on the hill of Zion and in Jerusalem, He will threy the king of Assyrland for all his boasting and all his overpride.
  13. The king will say, "I did this with my own two strong hands. By my wisdom I know how. I've gotten rid of the ends of lands. I've looted hordes. I've brought folks down like a mighty man.
  14. I've found the riches of leedships like one finds a nest, and like eggs that were laid here and there are gathered together. Not one of them flapped a wing, opened its mouth, or peeped."
  15. Can an ax boast itself over one who cuts therewith? Can a saw make itself greater than the one who wields it? A club cannot swing the one who lifts it. A stick cannot pick someone up.
  16. That is why the Almighty YHWH Drighten will send him naft in his riches, his drightness will burn like a fire.
  17. Israel's light will become a fire. Its Holy One a flame. In one day He will burn up the weeds and thornbushes.
  18. The great treeyard and the orchard will fordo both body and soul. They will be like a sick wer wasting away.
  19. The trees ;eft in the yard will be so few that a child could tally them.
  20. At that time the few left in Israel, the outlasters of Jacob's seed will no longer lean on the one who struck them, but instead lean on YHWH, the true Holy One of Israel.
  21. A few, the few of Jacob left, will come back to the mighty God.
  22. Although your folk Israel may be like the sand on the seashore, only a few will come back. A fordeed is full and fair.
  23. For the Almighty YHWH Drighten follow this through, throughout the world.
  24. So the Almighty YHWH Drighten says: My folk who live in Zion, don't be afraid of the Assyrlings when they strike with a rod or when they wag their staff at you like the Egypters did.
  25. Soon I will unleash my wrath, and my ire will fordo them.
  26. Then YHWH Drighten will swing His whip against them. Like he struck down Midian at the Rock of Oreb and raised his staff over the water, so he will lift it like he did in Egyptland.
  27. At that time their burden will drop from your shoulders. Their yoke will be torn from your neck. The yoke will be torn away since you have grown fat.
  28. They come to Aiath. They fare through Migron. They store their stuff at Michmash.
  29. They go over the hillford and lodge at Geba for the night. The folk in Ramah shake with fear; the folks in Saul's Gibeah flee.
  30. Wail aloud, you Bathgallim! Give heed, you folks in Laishah and dreadful Anathoth!
  31. The folk in Madmenah flee; those who live in Gebim run for shelter.
  32. This day they stopped at Nob. They shake their fist at the hill of My folk Zion, at the dune of Jerusalem.
  33. Now look! The Almighty YHWH Drighten will trim the branches with dreadful weal. The tallest trees will be cut down. The lofty ones will be brought down.
  34. He will cut down the bushes of the treeyard with an ax. The Mighty One will make Lebanon fall.

Head 11Edit

  1. And there shall come out a shoot from the stock of Jesse, And out of his roots a branch will spring.
  2. And the poost of YHWH will rest upon Him, the poost of wisdom and understanding, the poost of rede and strength, the poost of the knowledge and fear of YHWH.
  3. By his queming in the poost of YHWH, he will not deem after the sight of his eyes, nor choose after the hearing of his ears.
  4. But he will deem the needy in fairness, and will choose with evenness for the meek of the earth. And he will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the poost of his lips kill the wicked.
  5. Fairness will be the belt around his waist. Trustiness will be the belt around his hips.
  6. Wolves will live with lambs. Spotleows will lie down with goats. Calves, young leows, and year-old lambs will be together, and a little child will be leading them.
  7. Cows and bears will eat together. Their young will lie down together. Leows will eat straw like oxen.
  8. Sucklings will play near nadders' holes. Toddlers will put their hands into adders' nests.
  9. They will not hurt or fordo anyone anywhere on My holy hill. The world will be filled with the knowledge of YHWH like water filling the sea.
  10. At that time the root of Jesse will stand as a beacon for the folks to gather around. The heathens will come to him. His abode will be wulderful.
  11. At that time Drighten will reach with might to get back at those who are left of His folk from Assyrland, Upper and Lower Egyptland, Sudan, Elam, Babylon, Hamath, and the ilands of the sea.
  12. He will raise a beacon for the heathens to gather around. He will gather the outcasts of Israel and bring together the besundered folk of Judah from the four ends of the earth.
  13. Ephraim will be andy no longer, and Judah's foes will come to an end. Ephraim won't be andy of Judah, and Judah won't go against Ephraim.
  14. They will swoop down on the slopes of Philist in the west. Together they will loot the folk of the east. They will overtake Edom and Moab. The folk of Ammon will be under them.
  15. YHWH will dry up the searm of the Egyptlandish Sea. He will shake His fist over the Goodford Stream with his scorching wind and split it into seven streams so that folks can walk over it in their shoes.
  16. There will be a highway for those who are left of His folk left in Assyrland like there was for Israel when it came out of Egypt.

Head 12Edit

  1. At that time you will say, "I will praise You, YHWH. Although You had been wrothe with me, You wended Your wrath away from me, and You bewemmed me.
  2. Hey! God is my Healer. I am bold and unafraid, for YHWH is my strength and my song. He has healed me."
  3. With glee you will draw water from the springs of healing.
  4. And you will say at that time, "Praise YHWH. Call on His Name. Make known His deeds among the heathen. Bemind them that His Name is high.
  5. Rise and sing to YHWH. He has done wonderful things. Let this be known throughout the world.
  6. Shout, and sing with glee, folk of Zion! The Holy One of Israel is great. He is among you."

Head 13Edit

  1. This is the burden which Isaiah, son of Amoz, saw about Babylon.
  2. Raise a beacon on the bald hilltop. Call loudly to them. Wave your hand for them to go into the Athels' Gates.
  3. I've bebidden My priests. Yes, I've called my mighty men to atew My wrath. They find bliss in My wins.
  4. Listen to the hurly-burly on the hills. It's like a throng. Listen to the din of rikes and leedships gathering. YHWH Drighten is arreadying His warriors for siege.
  5. They are coming from a far-off land, from the end of the earth. YHWH is coming with the weapons of His ire to fordo the whole world.
  6. Clepe loudly, for YHWH's Day is near. It will come like fordeed from the Almighty.
  7. That is why every hand will hang limp, and everyone's heart will falter.
  8. They will be full of dread. Smart and sorrow will take hold of them. They'll writhe like a woman in childbirth. They'll look at each other in shock. Their nebbs will be burning red.
  9. You see, YHWH's Day is coming, when without arm He will dole out His ire and blazing wrath to fordo the earth and rid it of its sinners.
  10. The stars in the sky and their starmoots will shine no more. The sun will werthe dark when it rises. The moon will not shine.
  11. I will pay back the world for its evil and the wicked for their wrongdoing. I will put an end to overproud folks and bemeek the pride of overlords.
  12. I will make folks harder to find than clean gold and weres more seldly than gold from Ophir.
  13. On this thing, I will make the sky shift, and the earth will be shaken from its stead when YHWH Drighten is wrothe. At that time he will be sore angry.
  14. They'll be like hunted doe and like sheep with none to gather them. Everyone will go back to their own folk and flee to their own land.
  15. Whoever is found will be stabbed to death. Whoever is caught will be felled by the sword.
  16. Their children will be smashed to death right before their eyes. Their houses will be looted and their wives raped.
  17. You see, I'm going to stir up the Medes against them. They don't care for silver and aren't happy with gold.
  18. But their bows will smash the youth. They'll have no love for kids in the womb, nor will they look with arm on children.
  19. Babylon, the wulder of the rikes, the proud sheen of the Chaldeers, will be like Sodom and Gomorrah when God fordid them.
  20. Nobody will ever live there, and no one will dwell in it for beginnings. Arabs won't pitch their huts there. Shepherds won't let their flocks rest there.
  21. Wild wights will lie down there. Their homes will be full of owls. Racebirds will live there, and wild goats will skip around.
  22. Laughwolves will howl in Babylon's strongholds, and infest the dens where they quemed themselves. Its time has almost come. Its days will not be given any more.

Head 14Edit

  1. YHWH will feel sorry for Jacob and again choose Israel and give them rest in their own land. Outlanders will abide with them and atone with the seeds of Jacob.
  2. Folks will take them and bring them to their own stow. The folk of Israel will have them as he and she thralls in YHWH land. They will overtake their overtakers and rule their downtrodders.
  3. When that day comes, YHWH will give you rest from your pain and ailing, from the hard thralldom.
  4. Then you will mock the king of Babylon with this saying, "How the overlord has come to an end! How his sieges have come to an end!"
  5. YHWH has broken the staff of the wicked, the rod of rulers.
  6. They struck the folk with wrath, with blows that didn't stop. They trod on leeds in anger, hounding them fetterless.
  7. The whole world rests and is still, and busts out into singing.
  8. Even the fir trees were glad on you. The cedars of Lebanon say, "Since you have fallen, no lumberjack has come to besiege us."
  9. The netherworld wakes up to meet you when you come. It wakes up the ghosts of the dead, all who were leaders on earth. It raises all who were kings of the leedships from their thrones.
  10. All of them will greet you, "You also have become weak like us! You have become like us!"
  11. Your pride has been brought down to the grave, along with the song of your harps. Mathes are spread out like a bed under you, and your hilling will be worms.
  12. How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! How you have been cut down to the ground, you winner of leedships!
  13. You thought, "I'll go up to heaven and set up my throne above God's stars. I'll sit on the hill far away in the north where the gods gather.
  14. I'll go above the top of the clouds. I'll be like the Most High."
  15. But instead you've been brought down to hell, to the deepest part of the pit.
  16. Those who see you stare at you; they look at you nighly and say, "Is this the man who made the earth fear, who shook the rikes,
  17. who made the world a wasteland and tore down its chesters, who didn't let his bondsfolks go home?"
  18. All the kings of the heathens, all of them, have been buried with are, each in his own tomb.
  19. But you are thrown out of your tomb like a forwarped stock. You are clothed with those who were killed in siege. You go down to the stones of the pit like a trodden dead body.
  20. You won't have fellowship with the kings in the tomb, for you have fordone your land and killed your folk. The seeds of evildoers will never be spoken of again.
  21. Get ready to slaughter their children for their forefathers' guilt, so they won't to rise, own the earth, and build chesters all over it.
  22. "I'll besiege them," bequeaths YHWH Drighten. "I'll cut off the name of the outlasters from Babylon, its seeds and offspring," bequeaths YHWH.
  23. "It will become the owning of quillpigs. It will werthe pools of water. I'll sweep it with the broom of doom," bequeaths YHWH Drighten.
  24. YHWH Drighten has sworn: "Like I planned it, so will it happen. As I planned, so will it be.
  25. I'll crush Assyria on my land. I'll trod it underfoot on my hills. Then its yoke will be numb away from my folk, and its burden will be onfung from their shoulders."
  26. This is what I have planned for the whole world. This is how he will brook His strength against all the heathens.
  27. YHWH Drighten has planned it. Who can stop it? He is ready to brook His strength. Who can wend it back?
  28. In the year King Ahaz died, there was this burden:
  29. Don't be merry, Philist, all of you, that the rod striking you is broken; for from the root of the snake comes forth an adder, and its berry will be a fiery, flying snake.
  30. The neediest of the needy will graze, and the begger will lie in haven; but I will kill your root with a nofood, and your outlasters I will slay.
  31. Wail, door; clepe, chester; melt away, Philist, all of you! For from the north a smoke comes, and there is no loner in its ranks.
  32. So, what will one answer sendlings of the heathen? For YHWH set up Zion, and in her the lowly of his folk hope.

Head 15Edit

  1. This is the burden about Moab. In one night Ar in Moab is done and gone! In one night Kir in Moab is done and gone!
  2. The folk of Dibon go to the hut, to the worship steads, to weep. Moab wails over Nebo and Medeba. Every head is made bald, and every beard is shaven.
  3. In their roadways they wear sackcloth. On their roofs and in their folksteads everyone mourns and wails.
  4. Heshbon and Elealeh also clepe. Their calls are heard as far away as Jahaz. Moab's loaded men yell out. Their heartness is gone.
  5. My heart clepes for Moab. They flee as far as Zoar at Eglath Shelishiyah. They go up the hill road to Luhith. They mourn loudly over the flattening on the way to Horonaim.
  6. The Nimrim Brook has run dry! The grass dries up, the fresh growth withers, and nothing green is left.
  7. That is why they ferry the wealth that they have earned and stored up over Willow Chine.
  8. Calls for help stream throughout the land of Moab. Their wailing goes as far as Eglaim. Their howling goes as far as Beer Elim.
  9. The water in Dimon is red with blood, yet I will bring even more on Dimon. A leow will besiege the fleers from Moab and the outlasters from the land.

Head 16Edit

  1. Send lambs to the ruler of the land. Send lambs from Sela through the wasteland to my folk at Zion's hill.
  2. Moab's daughters are like fluttering birds, like besundered nestlings, at the shallow fords of the Arnon.
  3. Give us rede. Make a choosing. At high noon make your shadow as dark as night. Hide the fleers. Don't betray the haven-seekers.
  4. Let those who have been driven from Moab stay with you a while. Be their haven from the foe. Ruthless folks will come to an end. The fordoing will end. The one who stomps on others will be gone.
  5. Then YHWH will set up a trusted king. He will rule in love. He is from the hut of David, seeking fairness and quick to do what is right.
  6. We've heard of Moab's pride. They are haughty. We've heard of their boasting, flashiness, and overpride, but their boasts aren't true.
  7. That is why Moab will wail over Moab. Everyone will wail over Moab. Mourn and grieve over the dried-wineberry cakes of Brickwall.
  8. The fields of Heshbon and the vineyards of Sibmah wither. Rulers of the leedships have cut off their wineberries. The vines once reached as far as Jazer and strayed out into the wasteland. Their shoots had spread out over the sea.
  9. I will weep for the vines of Sibmah like Jazer weeps for them. I will drench you with my tears, Heshbon and Elealeh. The win-shouts for your ripened berries and your harvest will be hushed.
  10. Mirth and glee have dwined from the orchards. No songs are sung. No shouts are raised. No one stomps on berries in the winethrutches, since I have put an end to the shouts of glee.
  11. That is why my heart mourns for Moab like a harp. My soul mourns for Brickwall.
  12. When Moab shows up at the worship site, they will only wear themselves out. They will come into the holy stead to bid, but they will fail.
  13. This is what YHWH said about Moab of yore.
  14. But now YHWH says, "Moab's are will be loathed within three years. I will tally them like workers tally the years left of their bonds. In spite of their maniness, the outlasters will be sore few and areless."
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