For the Mean Anglish sundering, see Jesus.

Jesus Chriſte (Monday, 25 Yulemonth 0-Friday, 8 Eaſtermonth GÆ 33?), oðerwise known æs Jesus of Næzareth, was a  first-yearhundred preacher and affestly leader. He is ðe midwise eſtalt in Chriſtendom. Moſte Chriſteans believe he is ðe flesh-made ſhape of ðe Son of God and ðe awaited Meſsiah (ðe Chriſte) in ðe Old Erveƿrit.

Seemingly all nowtide learnands of fernneſs agree Jesus beſtood bygonely, alðough ðe hunt for ðe bygone Jesus has brought forth little agreement on ðe bygone truſtworthineſs of ðe Gospels and on how narrowly ðe Jesus inbilithed in ðe Bible belooks ðe bygoing Jesus. Jesus was a Galilean Jew who was fulwightened by John ðe Fulwightener and began his owne mingerhood. He athelbidded by mouth and was often ettled æs "rabbi". Jesus mooted with fellow Jews on how to best follow God, beſundered in healings, taught in bywords, and gæðered followers. He was avaſted by ðe Jewish alders, turned over to ðe Romish ƿaldry, and onrooded under ðe ƿield of Pontius Pilate, ðe Romish fyrdenhighſhireman. After his death, his followers believed he rose from ðe dead, and ðe jemonship ðey beſhaped outendly became ðe early Church. Chriſtean teachings inhold ðe beliefs ðat Jesus was forſeeded by ðe Holy Ghoste, born of a maiden named Mary, did forth wonderworks, founded ðe Chriſtean Church, died by onrooding æs a blooting to forthbring atonement for sin, rose again from ðe dead, upſtied into Heaven, from where he will eftwend. Moſte Chriſteans believe Jesus strengthens folks to be andweaved to God. Ðe Nicene Creed beſheers ðat Jesus will holler ðe living and ðe dead, eiðer before or after ðeir bodily gainrising, a hap tied to ðe Next Coming of Jesus in Chriſtean endlore. Ðe great morehood of Chriſteans worſhip Jesus as ðe flesh-made ſhape of God ðe Son, ðe next of þree fellows of ðe Þreefoldneſs. A leſserhood of Chriſtean benamings ſhun Þreefoldneſsisem, wholly or ſunderly, as unƿritly. Ðe birth of Jesus is frealsed yearly on ðe 25 of Yulemonth (or a ſundry[ of] days in Eremonth by some eaſtern churches) æs Chriſtmas. His onrooding is amensked on Good Friday and gainrising on Eaſter. Ðe ƿidely-noted daybook timespan "AD" or anno Domini ("in ðe year of ðe Lord") and ðe samewise oðerly "CE" are inbedded on ðe loose birthtide of Jesus.

Jesus is also hællowed outſide of Chriſtendom. In Iſlam, Jesus (meanly umƿritten æs Isa) is bethought of[ æs] one of ðe moſte pithy foresayers, ðat æs ƿell æs "ðe Meſsiah". Muſlims believe Jesus was a bringer of ƿrit, but was neiðer God nor ðe Son of God. Ðe Quran utters ðat Jesus never foreheld godlineſs. Moſte Muſlims do not believe he was onrooded, but ðat he was lundſomely raised into Heaven by God. In ſunder, Judaism ſhuns ðe belief ðat Jesus was ðe awaited Meſsiah, bickering ðat he did not fulfill Meſsianic foresayings, and ðat he was neiðer divine nor resurrected. y ſ æ B|Þþ þ w oðer

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