The Anglish Moot
Star of David

Born maybe four thousand years ago, Jewishdom is one of the oldest worship trends besought today, the first known worship to fathom onegodliness and one of the most sway-withstanding in yore. Born in the "cradle of worship," the Middle East, Jewishdom fed the groundstone of Christendom and Muhammadom, two other "Abrahamish" worships.

Jewishdom is the worship of the Jews, firstly a Semitish kindred that lived in a land of the Middle East roughly amidst the hoary borough of Jerusalem. Over time their overriding beliefs were written down in the Book (called Tanakh or Torah by Jewish folk, which means "Teaching" in Anglish) which holds the yore of the Jews, as well as the words of soothsayers and kings. Most of all, the Book teaches the children of Israel how to live by God's wishes. The Book would also go on to make a mark on the Christish Book.

These are the overriding beliefs of Jewishdom. There is only one God and you must not worship any other gods before Him. God is all mighty, all knowing, and everlasting. Each man worships God bewardly, without the need of a go-between. Folk can make up for sins through words and deeds. God has chosen the Jewish folk to be in an oath with Him, and some day God will send a Salved-one ("Moshiach" in Hebrew) to bring all of the chosen folk back to Israel and bring in a timespan of frith and theedom to the Earth.

Jewishdom is an outstandingly strong and limber belief. Throughout yore the Jews have been downtrodden and thralled upon by a line of do downers. They have been taken away from their homeland and scattered across EvelandHighsun and Eastland. They have been the marks of a foredraught of an unbelievably heartless folkslaughter. But throughout it all, the Jews have stayed their belief in their worship and their God.