Johannes Kepler

Mealwork from 1610

Ereyule 27, 1571 – November 15, 1630) was a breme telcrafterroomlorer and starcrafter. A key player in the 17th yearhundred witcraft upwending, he is best known for his laws on tungle shrithing, cithed by later lorers. These works were one of the layings for Isaac Newton's held of mean weightpull.

Kepler's laws tell us for byspell that the shape of the path is a flattened egg-shaped wreath, with the Sun not always lying in the middle, that all tungles shrithe at roughly the same speed but nearer tungles go umb faster given they have less far to go (before Kepler, roomlorers thought that all tungles took the same time to fare umb once the Sun) and that a tungle that is farther from the Sun shrithes slightly slower than one that is nearer.

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