Goldland, highlighted in red.

Kaliforn (Greater Anglish: Ervinland or Goldland; English: California) is a rike found on the Western Seaboard of the Foroned Rikes of Markland. It is the most folkful F.R. rike, home to one out of eight Marklanders (38 micklered folks), and is the third broadest rike by landspan (after Shoulderland and Lonestarland). Kaliforn is bordered by Sheenland to the north, Nevada to the east, Great Dales to the southeast, and the Mexican rike of Lower Kaliforn to the south. It is home to the leedship's second and fifth most folkful tally reckonwise landspans (Greater The Errandghosts stead and Holy Franklin Bay stead, heedwise), and eight of the leedship's 50 most folkful earlhoods (The Errandghosts, Holy James, Holy Joseff, Holy Franklin, Ashtree, Hallowing, Long Beach, and Oakland). Hallowing is the headtown.


What is now Kaliforn was first settled by sundry Inborn Markish tribes before being orfaren by a tally of European herefarings throughout the 16th and 17th yearhundreds. It was then forecalled by the Spanish Overrike as a deal of Upper Kaliforn in the greater holding of New Spain. Upper Kaliforn became a deal of Mexico in 1821 following its speedful war for selfstanding, but would later be orgiven to the Foroned Rikes in 1848 after the Mexicen-Markish War. The western deal of Upper Kaliforn was soon organized as the Rike of Kaliforn, which was inletten as the 31st rike on September 9, 1850. The Kaliforn Gold Rush starting in 1848 led to heavy guildy and folkgravish shift, with broad-breadth insettling from the F.R. and abroad and a begliding boom in the wealthdom.


Kaliforn's sundry earthlore spans from the Pacific Seaboard in the west, to the Sierra Nevada in the east – from the Redwood–Douglas-fir wealds of the northwest, to the Mojave Westen steads in the southeast. The ummiddle of the rike is overshadowed by the Ummid Dale , a hefty farming stead. Kaliforn holds both the highest and lowest points in the abutting Foroned Rikes (Whitney Berg and Death Dale ), and has the 3rd longest coastline of all rikes (after Alaska and Florida). Earthquakes are a common happening with the rike's location along the Pacific Ring of Fire: about 37,000 are marked down yearly, but most are too small to feel.


At least half of the fresh fruit begotten in the Foroned Rikes are now harvested in Kaliforn, and the rike also leads in the begetting of worts. Other weighty givers to its wealthdom include loftroom, teaching, beframing, and high-tech industry. If it were selfstanding, it would be the 9th biggest wealthdom in the world and the 34th most folkful.

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